Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Sooo uhhh it is really cold here! The cold just sticks to you and hurts! It is supposed to go in the teens for the next two days, not excited, but we have the car the next two days. The Lord really does look out for us. 
On Tuesday, New Years Eve, we had all morning to work but then we had interviews with the Mission President that night. They got wayyyy backed up on time so we ended up not finishing til about 8:30and none of us had gone to dinner yet so President took our District and the ZL's and AP's to Five Guys! Him and Sister McDonough sat right across from Sister White and I. It was joyous, I can't explain it but being with the McDonoughs is the best thing in the world. Love just radiates off of them. They dropped us off at 9:40, we felt like real rebels. haha
New Years was fun because a family in the ward throws a big party for everyone so we got to go and watch everyone play football, and ALMOST played but then there was enough players so we didn't want to take away from them playing. Courtney called us two nights before and was so happy to have a church activity. She said the highlight of her 8 days in New Orleans was finding the church and going. Also she went out and taught with missionaries twice this week, what a champ! 
This week with Alice was so good, she is soaking it all in and getting thirstier and thirstier for more knowledge. We showed her the Articles of Faith and when we came back she had written all 13 of them down in her notebook. She is also keeping a list of all the commandments we teach her. We told her we sensed she was nervous about something and she said, "What? Besides DROWNING!?" Makes me so happy that the only thing holding her back is the water. She came to church and when it ended I asked how she liked it and she said she felt like everyone was talking to her! Yay! She is feeling more and more like she is getting her questions answered, it has been the best teaching her. She is just humble. She hears us out and believes us, then searches it out in our pamphlets and scriptures, and then gets the spiritual confirmation. I just love her! Also she showed us pictures of her white uncle, and questionably white/indian grandmother, (weird because she is definitely black) she is really excited to do family history and figure out where she came from, she has never found out which part of Africa or which tribe, so we're gonna get that going this week. 
(Don't know if this is supposed to be publicly known) Okay I talked to another Visa waiter just a couple hours ago and she said her mom called and found out that everyone who had to get a new background check and everything- their Visa's (MY VISA) got denied. Now the church is sending them in 300 at a time and then they are coming really fast. They haven't sent the next 300 in yet but will really soon. Submitted my papers a year ago so.... Maybe I'll be with the next group. Still not worrying about it, just wanted to give the update. 
Our tracting this week was very interesting, I caught an old woman who was falling to the ground, it was scary, she was very thankful. 

Sister Stevens

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