Saturday, March 28, 2015

My last week

I guess it's important to finish the things we start, and since I've written every week, my last week deserves a post too. 
Eventful things that happened my last week:
At my last district meeting we ended up singing at a funeral/viewing for a ward members son who had died in a moto accident. It was really special singing for so many people, we sang songs about how Christ conquered death. We could tell it meant a lot for their family. I also got to stand up and recite D&C 4 for the last time at a missionary meeting. That was just a little too sad. 
On the way back from the meeting the day started really getting eventful, after making it 8 months in Brazil sticking out like a sore thumb, I was finally robbed. Luckily he only took the mission cell phone, and we got a new one about 2 days later.
It was actually a pretty normal week, we worked hard. We got Gesse a baptismal interview with the Presidente, our District Leader said he would be good to go for Saturday but it turned out that he still had a couple things to sort out before getting baptized. We were pretty heartbroken and so was he but he also had a contrite spirit to get everything in order as soon as possible to make it happen. I was pretty disappointed at first that my dream to have a baptism on my last day wouldn't work out, but then I remembered how far he had come, and that the Lord was trying just as hard as we were to prepare him for that day. 
On Saturday I had the going away lunch at the Presidents house, it was just for Sister Brimley and I because of our special circumstances having to leave a couple days before everyone else. We had our interviews with President, and it was really special, he said some of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me, and helped me get the spiritual confirmation I needed that my mission was successful and accepted by the Lord. 
Sister Brimley got to come back to Mussurunga with me where she served for 6 months before me. We got to do some street contacts and teach a few last lessons together, it was SO COOL, we got to see how far we had come from the beginning, from the MTC, from our first area, from when we first got to Brazil, all of it. We also got to bare our testimonies in sacrament meeting, everyone bore really nice testimonies too and mentioned us... to the point where the Bishop got up and was like- THEY HAVE TO MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES, OK! 
We got to fly from Salvador to Sao Paulo and Sao Paulo to Atlanta! We had more than enough to talk about alllll the way back. Then at the Atlanta airport, the last big miracle of my mission happened... I got to see Tasha, and meet Gwen for the first time, at the airport! She got a gate pass and came back and met me during my layover. I can only describe it as true happiness! 

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