Monday, April 15, 2013

My Call: Brazil Salvador South Mission

Soooo in the last post I talked about the amazing feelings and experiences that came from making the decision to go on a mission. Now I have a whole new set of feelings and experiences because I have my call! On December 5th I ran home from class with my mail key in my hand and went straight to the mailbox, first thing I see.. A huge white envelope, second thing I see.. Postage $1.90... AHHHH! So it took me a minute before I could even take it out of the mailbox cause my my mind and body were both for lack of better words, freaking out! I couldn't move, couldn't breath, couldn't shut my mouth or contain my smile. I finally grabbed it and ran up the stairs, I even had to take a few breathers due to hyperventilating getting the best of me. For the next hour I just clung to it and then I had to go to another class, which proved to be the longest class of my life. Then finally... 5 hours later friends started showing up and we set up a google chat with my whole family and I opened my call. It was a really surreal experience, my brain has never felt that kind of anticipation or shock before. I finally read it, Dear Sister Stevens, you are hereby called to serve in the Brazil Salvador South Mission... Portuguese... reporting to the Brazilian MTC April 10th, 2013. When I first read it I didn't believe it, I literally thought that I had read it wrong, cause I had never in a million years guessed Brazil, it didn't even cross my mind, but it hit me and I felt so many emotions at one time I was just in shock, but a happy shock! I am so blessed that I got called to such an awesome mission, I know it is where I am supposed to go and I cannot wait to serve the people of Brazil.

Me, just minutes after finding my call in the mailbox.

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