Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 1

Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa on the way to the MTC
So hopefully you've gotten my letter by now and know that everythings going great. I realized after sending it that I might have sounded negative at certain points in it but you know me well enough to know that nothing has phased me and its going well. Dad, Kelly, and Jenny all sent me raelly nice dearelders, thank Dad for his, and thanks for remembering me in your prayers. So Connor was my host on the first day which was really cool and he is in the classroom right next to me! He gave a talk on Sunday too! (We each have to prepare a 5ish minute talk for every Sunday and you don't find out if you're giving it till right before) He did really well, I envy his Portuguese, I'm glad he spoke before he left and that I got to be here. There are sooo many girls (and a couple boys) from BYU here. It's everyone. I've seen Sarah Nnah and a toooon of others and even 2 of my friends who work as teachers so thats cool. The Portuguese is coming along I guess, I said my first full prayer in Portuguese on Saturday I think it was. So good! I can bear my testimony a little too. The conjugations and tenses are really hard, I can put together some reaaally broken sentences but we have been working on it. So we finally got work-out time, SO GOOD! It really helps the days to get broken up a little. My district is really fun, 6 girls 6 boys, theres a lot of jokesters but we are really improving in fousing a lot, we focus, and have fun, we are becoming a little family and it is the best:). My companion is really awesome, she is so funny, and always smiling, and yes.. emotional, but not in a bad way, its just that I always feel bad for not crying like she is in the devotionals... ha. But we are learning a lot from each other and support each other and have never fought or anything like that. All 6 girls stay in the same room which is pretty fun, doesn't bother me but it is pretty tight! they are only supposed to be for 4 people so usually there are 2 bunks and now theres 3 and still only 4 closet spaces and stuff. But anyways thats just the living situation, its cool because ALL of us in the district are really close. So the spirit here is really strong, I feel it every day, and in the last letter I said that it is really hard which it is going from 7- 9 30 at night but... It really never feels hard, sometimes my brain hurts but it doesn't feel hard. And when it even starts to feel hard it never comes very far cause I know so strongly that I'm right where I'm supposed to be. There is no where like the MTC on the planet, I wish everyone could come here and experience it, someday Mom you will! And I am excited for you already. Teaching investigators is fun, we are committing our fake investigator to baptism tomorrow!! Its so cool how you can feel the spirit even when its not the real life thing, the testimonies are real life and the gospel is true and that's all that matters! So uhhhh p-day turns out to be the busiest day ever we got to go to the temple and that was super nice. I really really enjoyed it a lot. It just put me at peace more than ever. I wish I had time to say lots more and next week I will but I was supposed to be at dinner 20 minutes ago (yeah thats how busy it is). Well forward this to the fam, I love you all!  I would right a little section in Portuguese if I had time!
Love, Sister Katie Stevens

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