Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Email from June 24, 2013

So this week I had a really cool experience, it was the most powerful experience I've had of the Spirit and circumstances testifying that we are doing the Lords work, and representatives of Jesus Christ. We asked our investigator Jennifer for some contacts and she had two but didn't have exact addressed, so we were walking past the fire station and remembered that she had a friend who lived about 4 down on the right so we went over and knocked on the door. Sister Brimley and I didn't realize that we were standing on a fire ant nest so as we were frantically trying to get them off and as they were biting us Sister Johnson was trying to explain how we know her friend. She was very confused and doesn't recall knowing Jennifer but luckily one of us wasn't being attacked and was able to gather the information that not 5 minutes before a man had come to her house to tell her she was being evicted. We were able to go in and leave the "Saviors Peace and Blessing" on her home, and just testify of Christ and his goodness and his mercy, it was so cool just to be able to testify rather than to try to get acquainted with someone and balance testifying with teaching. It was no coincidence that we mistook that referral and knocked on her door.
I got my birthday package! Thanks for everything, the only thing that could have made it complete would be a letter from Kelly, I think 6 weeks is long enough to go without writing me!
Also, Sister Johnson our trainer will be leaving on on Saturday and we will be receiving a newb to train on Tuesday. Training my third transfer... didn't see that one coming.
Dang got short on time this week, I didn't know we were gonna be so low on time, sorry, more next week and some letters on the way.

Love, Sister Katie Stevens

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