Wednesday, July 10, 2013


HI familyyyy,
From what I've heard the wedding sounded amazing I'm so happy everything went well and sad I wasn't able to be there. I also saw a few pics and they were the best! Michelle looked GREAT! Love the dress, love the shoes, why do all my sisters have to set such high standards... haha But I'm going to be honest it was always in my mind but it took me until saying my prayer Saturday night to realize it happened that day!
Sunday was great, finding rides to get people to church was extremely stressful because pretty much every Priesthood holding mail has a big calling with meetings in the morning. But it worked out, we put everyone to work.
First of all our new investigator came to church in a brown velvet suit with a brown and orange striped shirt, it was the best thing I've ever seen. Second, it was testimony meeting, and you can imagine my heart as he started walking up to the pulpit, but I was just beaming anyways. Yes he mentioned weed in his testimony, yes it was still great. Having that new investigator plus more less actives and parts of their families (who hadn't been in years) was one of the happiest moments of the mission. All our hours of sitting in Ralph's house dying of second hand smoke paid off! 
We tracted into more Bible-bashers this week. I haven't told you about the all-you-need-is-faith type I don't think. But this ooold lady opened the door and just looked like she felt SO bad for us. She kept saying "we don't have to work or nothing, Christ said, 'only believe'." Ok I'm a terrible missionary but I laughed, it just came out. It's funny, it is such contradicting doctrine that she ended up justifying herself 30 seconds later when we asked for referrals. She said if anyone needs the message she goes and tells them herself, we told her how wonderful that was of her to do and she realized we were so happy that she was doing the Lord's WORK and freaked out and started preaching again. It was good stuff. I'm so happy our religion is inclusive of the whole Bible, cause if I had to read it every day as a missionary of any other faith what would I be teaching all day? Just a bunch of stuff I would know contradicts itself. 
Ok one more funny story, I'll have something spiritual to say next week. We were talking to this 12 yr old kid outside his door and asking him if he prays. He said, "Yes mam my mother tells me to pray every night before bed so that if I die in my sleep I'll still go to Heaven." We tried to teach him that you can say more than that, but anyways, he ended up praying for just that before we left, I was a little sad that we didn't get through to him, but hopefully he'll try it sometime. 
Wellll just the South everything about it great, chicken, people, lifestyle. Everything about being a missionary too, church, testifying, prayers on prayers.
Love Y'ALL very much! tchau! 

Seester Stevens
Pics on pics!
Playing with a baby raccoon

On my birthday

The sketchy tamale shop, mmmm

Happy Independence Day!

With my companions on the 4th.



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