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Brasil CTM

March 19, 2014

I love the ctm but I don't love having no time to write, and these weird keyboards! Ignore my typos...
Ummmmm where to start....
So we are one of the first (like the first just left yesterday) groups to EVER come back to the mtc before going into the feild, is hasnt happened in any other country until now so we are kind of like guinea pigs... BUT I LOVE IT! It is so good, I love the ctm for so many reasons. The language program is pretty intense, we try to not speak English at all throughout the whole day, some days are better than others. But every meal we have to sit with Brasilheiros and talk to them. They are the best, I just love them so much. Its kinda weird though, they alllll know who we are and that we have already been serving for a while and everything. Its really cool when they ask us for advice for when they get out to the feild, a lot of the sisters that are nervous ask us questions about it.
Portuguese is great! I mean... I have a long way to go but its good so far. It's frustrating because I understand so much but can say so little back. Also because when our teachers speak they pronunciate and talk slower but when we speak to normal people its like impossible to catch what theyre saying the first time. BUT its getting a lot better I feel a lot better about it than a week ago! We also teach a lot! Like 2-3 lessons every day to our "investigators".
It was cool because an Elder in my class was teaching me and he is really really struggling with the language, but still he was somehow able to do a whole practice like 12 minutes of being the missionary while I was the member and said everything he needed to. It was an awesome testimony of how the Lord may not give you everything you think you need, and give you more and more, but he will make what you have enough. He will stretch it so thin you dont know how you did it, but in the end, it's enough.
Our teachers are the best thing ever, they love the program and they love us. Also they purposefully gave us teachers that really don't speak any English because a lot do. But they all know to chastis e us if they hear us speaking English and arent supposed to say one word in it. 
The MTC president of the world is going to come and sit in on our class this Friday to see what he thinks about getting us here first then the feild. It aint cheap for the church.
We have one roommate from Brazil and one from Portugal, it is so FUN. We teach each other useless phrases, and dance moves, and help each other with pronunciation. 
During gym time we play volleyball and then run around the tiny track until we feel like we're gonna die of heat stroke.
My companion is Sister West, she's awesome, she was in the MJM also. AND her last companion was Sister Stevenson! (who I trained)
Ok when people hear that I'm going to Salvador South the ONLY thing they can say is- muito quench! - very hot! Literally.. they dont have anything else to say about it.
Ready for the best news of my life!!???!?! I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 10 MONTHS!
Its kinda selfish but it was like one of the best things of my whole mission. Sao Paulo temple is closed but they made an acception and let us go to the Campinas templs. It is so beautiful. The session was in English because there was majority americans. It was so cool though I got to see the new video! It was soooo gooood! I loved it, it was kinda like going to the temple for the first time because I just couldnt remember much from it being so long and there was a new video. Also we got there early so we got to go to the laundry room and fold stuff. I have just never felt so honored, and the spirit, while folding clothes before.
Seester Schevens

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