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March 10, 2014

I get a little time to email today since I don't know if I'll be able to once I get there....
Man we had a crazy week here. So many people to see and say goodbye too, and just so much work to do and preparation and everythingggg. It was a loooong week, the days were so slow! Not in a bad way, I just don't like drawn out anticipation. There's a reason most of the time T-calls come 3 days before you leave instead of 11.
I am over goodbyes, but tonight we will be making our rounds to some people we are close to who requested it.
We are on bikes so that was unfortunate but everytime we were biking in the cold I would just think- just a few more days and I'll be walking in the Brazil summer heat!  
I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday about hastening the work with love. It went pretty well, I had it all written out but didn't look at it much. I based a lot of it on President Huston's talk he gave in the ward about a month ago. I explained how Christ's purpose and his suffering for us was so that he could judge us, and love us, perfectly. We are expected to be not like Christ in judging the world, but to be like him in loving the world. I didn't tell people to start praying for missionary experiences. I told them to first repent and ask for a change of heart(sounds harsh but that's all repentance is), to have a sincere desire to share the gospel with others. Then once they have that, the faith that the Lord has prepared people around them to accept the gospel. My favorite quote I used was from Elder Dyches in GC where he says we have to remember that it is not on our goodness and efforts and love that the world hinges, but on His. LOVE THAT. So blessed to feel just a fraction of that love for the people in West Monroe. Everyone was crying which was a good sign. One lady came and told me she cried during my Portuguese testimony because it's the first time she heard someone speak it since her Grandmother who spoke it died. Another guy who served in Argentine told me he understood 90% even though it sounded like drunken spanish with a gringo accent. haha
Also it was a good day because we got 4 investigators in church! Used my convincing techniques to make them come hear me speak.
Mark is doing pretty good but he won't be getting baptized this weekend sadly. He gave us the rest of his chew, or so he thought.. He found another can in his cupboard and the temptation was too much. But it's gonna happen. He is just taking it as serious as it is. We had a really good lesson with him last night and a convert that overcame a lot (the one who was talking funny on skype at christmas) just kept telling him how his doubts will be nothing as soon as he makes the decision, and how much his life is going to change for the better. He told us he is taking it more seriously than he took getting married, AND joining the military, and he's not lying! He is going to do some really great things though, the ward is so excited for another strong committed Priesthood holder.
On Saturday night we had dinner with a producer for Duck Dynasty! So I never got to meet them personally but I did get the lowdown from him and he had a bunch of props and the scoop for upcoming episodes and stuff like that. Oh, he also produced for Undercover Boss, and was like, "let me show you guys something" and brought out an Emmy... No big deal!
They are really nice though.
Well... Better go say more goodbyes:( ..... and PACK! My flight leaves at 5 30 tomorrow and I have to get on the T Van at 8 am! Gross! Oh and 1 other girl from the mission got her visa too so I won't be alone.
Miss you all a lot! Wish me luck! LOVE YOU!
Sister Stevens

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