Monday, May 12, 2014

Tudo bem


Exploring our area.

May 12,2014

Yesterday was the best day! It was so good to talk to some of the family! And especially Mom! She is the best! Always the good of other people in mind, the best example. I think I needed to come on a mission so I can learn to be more like her, and I am so excited for when she goes on a mission one day because she´ll go from being the best mom to the best missionary and mom! 
The phone call was a great way to end kind of a dark week. 
Rain all day everyday, someone stole my comps scriptures, we got hit by a bike, I threw up a lot and everyone made me go to the hospital. 
BUT on the bright side, umbrellas are a wonderful invention, I am alive and don't have kidney stones, the Elders got the bad spirits out of the upstairs apartment, AND I got to talk to the fam yesterday. (and Dad was right- they fed us dinner after! woohoo first dinner in Beurarema.) 
Another highlight of the week I attached a pic of. We met this lady who told us she lived down a street that my comp and I were sure ended but apparently it keeps going! You just have to get over the small mountain. So we followed it and all the houses are super spread out and its all farmlands and mountains. We talked to as many people as we could but unfortunately its a little far with not much to work with so we wont be going back much. But it was so cool, and they let us take some fruit from there trees so we walked and ate fruit on the journey back to town. 
The hospital was horrible, they ran so many tests and made me keep an IV in my arm for like 5 hours and I kept almost fainting because of the giant NEEDLE in my arm! Also it wasn't a nice bed with a blanket it was a chair that I sat in. Tudo bem, I like adventures. I just hope I don't have to return there ever again. 
I want to add this funny thing for everyone who I didn't get to talk to. 
So far in Brazil I´ve gotten that I look like the girl from Frozen, Tangled, Avril Levine, and Barbie. Every day someone says "cara de boneka" or "parece como boneka de barbie." (face of a doll/face of a Barbie) It´s so weird, I´m like uhhhh I don´t agree but hey nice compliment. Especially when Alex always calls me cara de payaso(clown). haha
Also it was a good sign that I had kind of a hard time switching all the way to English, and when I told my story in Poruguese everyone just stared and I remembered that not everyone understands. 
Well, until next week! Love you all! Happy Birthday Steve! 

Seester Scheevens  

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