Monday, May 12, 2014


Normal day, normal street, buscando novos.

May 5, 2014

My second week in Buerarema was a lot like the first. We did work. But sadly only at the moment arent seeing a whole lot of success from it yet. We find sooo many new people and only end up working with a handful. Its kinda what happens when everyone is so open. Its great but we need the ones that are going to act. 
BUT I havent talked about our golder than gold family yet. I met them on one of my first days and taught them the gospel and it was just so spiritual, and they loved AND understood all of it, and when we left my comp turned to me and said-- sister, thats only our second time meeting with that family! AH I love them. They love the Book of Mormon. Everyone´s happy. They´ve already been to church 3 times the problem with them and everyone else here is..... CASAMENTO. They married in a church but not by law. Here in this tiny city they only send a judge IF there´s 4 couples that want to get married. So thats kind of been dominating our prayers lately. 
To respond to Dads question and email- it´s actually not that new to have a church here, they used to travel to Itabuna but before that they met here too. The problem is retention, they baptized a bunch of young people so all the church has is a few young men and women, and older single women. So its a big deal to baptize homems, like we report on how many we find and baptize every week. Its a problem all throughout Brazil. Its hard to find men that arent sitting in the street drinking. But we´re working on it, we reeeaally need this family in and active with callings. Literally, Ivon, the dad is the nicest most prepared person I have every met. 
Wellll other than that everything is just a blur, the Portuguese is still a struggle because I get more confident and think I can teach something the way it comes to my head or the way I did in English but still no, I have to resort to really simple terms, but it´s definitely improving still. 
Im still the only white person in the city so thats good. 
We slept in Itabuna because we had a real intense zone meeting last night. The Sisters here are real nice and some of us even went running this morning!!!! It was the best, even in Teva´s... haha 


Seester Stevens 

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