Tuesday, July 15, 2014

World Cup

June 30, 2014

It was a party week. Two days of world cup and a whole lot of São João, and São Pedro. Literally everyone was at the festa for São João and it was real hard to not feel absolutely useless following up on people who all were either at the big city party, having their own party  or drunk. But I think yesterday was the last day of that thankfully. Everyone looked at us like whaaat are they doing... Sorry we dont get holidays! The holidays are also slowing down the marriage process for our investigators because all the city buildings have been closed. We´re reeaaally praying for at least 3 of the 4 marriages to happen in July. 
Good news.... It is likely that I will get to watch the next Brazil World Cup game!!!!! 
Now for bad news. Amulek--- Inasio´s wife gave us this fruit that I see in peoples houses but never tried called Jabujicaba, well I was real excited and Sister Smith and I were eating a few and decided to take some to the other sisters and when Sister Muller bit into it she spit it out and said, "Sisters! Estes tem alcohol!" apparently she had been soaking them in some kind of alcohol to preserve them.... The ridiculous things that happen here dont end! I have no idea what she was thinking... it might have been on purpose cause shes a reeaal hard core Catholic. 
We allllmost had a baptism this week. Ew. Those are maybe my least favorite words. What good is it when someone almost enters the gate to salvation? Well the point is I think that Heavenly Father was working as hard on him as we were. He was going through with it all week after this really powerful lesson we had. He had the interview, we were following up everyday, we fasted and everything. The day the baptism fell through I read Alma 42:27. 
We have been searching out a lot of recent converts and less active members. It´s sad that there is a good list of recent converts that I´ve never met. We have been putting them first instead of putting finding new investigators first and it is sooo cool. We have had no problem getting the rest of our numbers in when we put them first and make an effort every day to work with them. Its a testimony that the church really has to be strengthened before it can grow. Like Moroni said we have to first cleanse our inward vessel. We didnt get a whoole lot of investigators to church but we did get a lot of less actives! AND tonight we are going to have our first activity- a Noite Familiar with all the members! 
Thats pretty much it for this week, its already the last week of the transfer! I cant believe it! Time is going sooo fast! Im trying real hard to enjoy each and every day here, its weird how accostumed I am to everything. 

Seester Scheevens 

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