Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Amulek

June 23, 2014

Bad news. This city is so small we just already know everyone. Also we have to make 10 contacts every week sooooo a lot of times its the same people over and over again. 
It's to the point of like a group of teenage boys will walk past and mock us, "vamos la para a igreja! hahahaahh" its not like we get offended but still. 
The good news is we are working with so many great people! Families! So I want to stay longer for that but it's also hard with all the other people. Its always rough when you work and work and someone comes in and gathers all your fruit! So I have mixed feelings. 
But we are so happy, because we found our "Amulek". This guy who we had invited a few weeks ago just came to church all on his own! We went to teach him last Monday and he understood! He has literally been to every church in this city and attended the Jehovas Witness church for a long time but he said he just hasn't found the truth. Since his infant baptism in the Catholic church he has been searching for the another, but never found it. (duh cause he never talked to us!) A person who wants a church for the doctrine!? FINALLY! I was beginning to believe there was no such thing. So I was like, good because you can know our church is true literally just by how we teach the godhead, and he agreed! AND he's .... oh just kidding he's not married. So there's one more for that ever growing group. 
This week was really good, we saw a lot of miracles! And taught a lot of spiritual lessons! 
There is a lot of work to do with our recent converts. One told us that she only got baptized because she loved a certain Sister that was here... oh boy. So pray for me as I try to help our converts be converted. 
Oh and we interrupt people watching world cup everyday. We had to leave after the game this week and there was sooo much partying in the streets. Even though they only tied! We literally cant get anywhere without walking through the center of the town and we like ran cause it was just so crazy. with dancing and fireworks andddd just everything. 

Love youuuuu allllll! 

Seester Scheevens 

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