Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Email from July 15, 2013

Looks like everyone thought my P-day got changed to Wednesday cause no one emailed me this week. It didn't get changed we just had special circumstances two weeks in a row.
I don't really know what to say about this week, it was pretty crazy, we did a ton of work but it's hard cause the progress is looking minimal at the moment. 
Saturday was rough, we kinda lost (not for sure but kind of) our two most promising investigators, both in really shocking and sad ways. I went to bed that night and for the first time I was like-- so this is what it feels like to go to bed with a broken heart. I was so sad, all I could do was just pray for them at that point. I don't like writing about it it makes me sad again. But Sunday was a good day, I remembered the testimony I bore just one week previous about trusting in the Lord, and his love for his children. I know He will provide a way for those who He desires to receive the gospel at this time to receive it. I thought as a missionary it would be a lot more clear who those people are, but it's not. All we can do is keep loving everyone, and teach those willing to listen, and bring the spirit into as many peoples lives as possible. For those that push us away after feeling the spirit so strongly I just have to trust that it is in the Lords hands, and He won't let them forget it. For this moment we did all we could, but as heart breaking as it is for us it is infinitely more heart breaking for our Heavenly Father. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we are helping Him help them, not the other way around. His hand has been in their lives a lot longer than mine! So all I can do is keep praying for each and every one of them, and have faith that He will hear those prayers, and in His time if it's His will they'll be answered. 
We met out first person obsessed with the black Jesus. It was the first thing that he asked us. "You believe Jesus is black?" and I said, "I don't believe it makes a difference." But he lectured us for a while, it was way funny. He also told us that black people are the only ones who can produce Vit D, and their hair growing towards the sky instead of towards the ground makes them the chosen people. 
One thing about the South I haven't talked about is the thousands of dogs! Everyone has one! And most people have more like 3-6. Every morning a dog runs with us and at least 80 others bark and chase us. They all love little dogs though, the most ugly mixed bread little dogs! I swear they are all pug chihuahua mixes. But there are some cute ones, and one cool thing I can think of is a less active here has a 75%Timber wolf 25%Husky. I was so distracted but they don't mind when we give it attention because they are in love with it too! Speaking of love I recently got a boyfriend, his name is DeCameron, he is 5 and has gold teeth and always makes us drop a beat so he can rap for us. He even walks us to our car, what a gentleman! 


Seester Stevens

On my birthday

Mer Rouge, a pretty town just outside of Bastrop we do some work in.

A few of the last of the mtc pics I never sent..
All of the people from my district going to Bahia.
me and Sister Brimley pointing to both missions

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