Tuesday, September 3, 2013

West Monroe Week 3

So it sounds like I had a similar experience to Dad this week! On Wednesday we had our Zone Conference with Elder Kopischke from the Quorum of the 70.
 It was awesome, it was allll based on our questions and needs here, it felt like he had prepared for hours to answer each question, but really he just has had a lifetime of preparation and a master at teaching by the Spirit. All 100 of us wrote down a few questions that we wanted answered as far as I know, he didn't fail to give everyone an answer. I just wouldn't even know where to start to say what he taught us. By the end of the day I was spiritually exhausted. He even sat by my companion and I, and the Bastrop Sisters(so happy to see them!) at lunch. I was like AH why this table!? He was the nicest, he wanted to hear about our lives, and our favorite part of our missions, and answer any questions and everything. So we're pretty much tight, I don't remember why but he even almost gave me his sons address haha.
I guess I can share one thing I loved especially that he told us was that, "his sheep hear his voice". He went into a ton of detail that I think is really going to improve our teaching if we can impliment it correctly. Sometimes it's hard but if people don't hearken to the message and the scriptures we need to move on and find those that know their shepherd and are ready to be found. For us it means a loooot of searching, yay tracting.
It is my first full bike week, just 2 more days! You just can't even imagine what people see when they open their door... It's me, after biking miles on a child size mountain bike with flat tires in the August Louisiana heat AND humidity, in a dress, and a helmet. Lets not forget what happens to my face, I think Alex said it best when he said, "girl, you is redder than the devil himself."
But anyways... Brazil will probably seem mild comparatively.
A funny story that happened this week is we biked to Elijah, about 60 and black. As soon as we got there he walked out, walked right up to Sister Birminghams bike started adjusting the seat and said, "I'm gone borrow this alright?" and as he was riding away, "watch ma house, and if anyone comes lookin fo me tell em I went to da sto and I be right back!" It was unreal, we just sat on the porch and enjoyed the grape drank he brought out for us and prayed that he would come back!
Last story, we brought this older white guy to teach a black lady and we were pretty nervous, but they ended up hitting it off and she just really trusted him immdiately for some reason. Not only did he end up teaching all 3 lessons in 2 hours. I would start to talk to her about praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true and he would interrupt her answer and say, "No I could tell when I walked in, you already know that book is true don't you?" and guessed what calling she would have when she aparently becomes a member and yeah.... Luckily! She was actually pretty cool with 90% of it, I was like WHAT'S HAPPENING! Her name is Brenda and we are gonna wooork on her family, they are so awesome! Satan is working hard too though. Not long after we left her old church stopped by for a visit and demanded they come back to church....
I also gave a talk on Sunday. It was on Elder Hollands talk last April. I'll write about that next week. Love you!!!!!!! Good luck everyone starting school, and Kelly send me a pic of your chipmonk cheeks!!!
Seester Stevens

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