Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Quick Update

Our library was broken on Monday so here I am now. Not much to say about this week. Biking this week was wayy better than biking last week, except for yesterday because we got booked on the farthest parts of our area. 
We had some meetings with the President on Wednesday, which are always a pleasure, he is the absolute best. Then on Thursday we did exchanges. It's the second time my trainer Sister Johnson has come for exchanges and both times she has gone with the other companion(s)! It's the wost! It was Thristy Thursday and my comp couldn't ride a bike so we were on foot in this part of town where we have tried a lot but have like no potential. We were outside and on our feet for 5 solid hours, usually in an hour you get into sooomewhere but no. That's kind of how a lot of the week went, it takes a lot of searching to find those prepared. The South has an awesome number of people willing to die for Jesus, but a small number willing to change their lives for him.
I wish I could remember something that happened to tell but it has just been so crazy all the days blur together. It has been really good though, I have a lot of hope for this area, I feel like I'll be here through the end of the transfer so that will be good.
I went to my first "viewing" yesterday. I've still never been to a funeral so this was a good first step I guess. It was for a man in the ward who I never met, but still pretty sad. I was super nervous cause I've never seen anyone in a coffin before, but it turned out just being really peaceful.
Miss you guys, thanks for being the best.

Sister Stevens

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