Tuesday, August 20, 2013

West Monroe Week 2

It was a really weird week. I got to meet everyone we work with which was good. I don't really know what to say about it, it's wayyy different than Bastrop. The people here are a lot more snobby, still nice though. The ward was pretty welcoming, it's awesome to be in a ward with a good size youth program and a Bishopric that actually comes to church! I did get initiated, we were tracting before a dinner appointment and this member pretended to be a  rude psycho inviting us in and then when we went I saw the Elders and knew it was a joke. Speaking of rude psychos we met one on my very first day, I legit have never had someone hate me so much, she was attacking our religion and me personally, about my looks, what I'm going to do with my future, everything, but she loved my companion! It was funny, I don't know what it is about me I never expected grown adults to be so ok with putting down someone so innocent looking.
We had a few interesting teaching experiences, one was with this guy who we gave a BOM and then set up a return appointment and when we went back there was an extra car in the driveway so we thought he forgot us. Turns out he had invited a friend, then turns out they were devoted members at the Church of Christ, they did their research the night before and had a thousand questions that no amount of scripture or explanation seemed to satisfy. BUT they were very nice and also willing to read the BOM so we are meeting with them again and this time bringing members. The other one was a dinner appointment where a member had his sister over and wanted us to practice the first discussion with us, he ended up taking over and breaking every missionary rule in the book, for example telling her that her marriage of 27 years is invalid, and a lot more. But hey, it's his sister and she said she had a lot to think about and I mean when you lay it all out it's hard to disprove unless you're extremely familiar with your faith. 
Thirstay Thursday was everything I thought it would be on bikes. Also they gave me like a tiny bike with small wheels so within like 10 pedals I'm a quarter of a mile behind my companion. It's ok though I need the work out. Every Thursday we start by biking to Bangkok Spice a Thai restaurant owned by a member and eat for free, yum!
One funny thing that happened was that we were tracting a street that some Vivint salesmen (RM's and from Provo of course) were also going door to door on, they looked just like missionaries but in bright orange shirts and visors instead of suits and ties.
That's all for now, I like my new companion alright. We have nothing in common in terms of the mission and real life but we still get along and are getting closer and working together better everyday so it's good.
I love and miss you guys a lot!!
ps the first time since age 5 I haven't had to go back to school in the fall... so weird!

Sister Stevens

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