Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 18, 2014

We had a pretty good week considering the weather. We had exchanges on Tuesday and I finally got to go with Sister Smith! Sister White had talked about how great she is for a whole six weeks and so I was really excited. We taught some good lessons and stayed busy the whole day, not even time to tract! When we did MTE's she asked me to evaluate her and give her suggestions. So that was weird. I was thinking I guess it's a good thing visa waiters can't be STL's because because I'm sure complimenting and giving constructive criticism must be hard day after day. On Wednesday morning the world was iced over and we had to stay in most of the day. It was soooo weird! Everyone else took a nap or something but I just couldn't relax, so I studied PMG for a few hours and started my sanctification goals. Our mission is working really hard towards sanctification and becoming pure disciples. So a lot of us are doing this fast from specific things that keep the spirit from being our constant companion. We just started a couple days ago, it's already pretty hard, but also already rewarding. I received some personal revelation I have been needing. My attribute I'm working on right now is Diligence. Why the Lord wanted me to work on diligence again I did not know, and I talked to President at interviews and he said he didn't either., but did point out one specific sentence in PMG for me to work on. The one about finding joy and satisfaction in your work. OUCH. It kinda hurt at first, I didn't understand, why would he think I'm not happy? I just had to nod my head and say "ok, I could always be happier." While thinking in my mind, I wish it was that easy! But in my study on Sunday when I started the fast I read a quote in PMG, then I turned to the scriptures, then to my patriarchal blessing, and they all just aligned, and told me the saaaame thing. Bring exactly obedient is hard, your mind has to be engaged at all times on what time it is, and how you talk, and what your companion is doing, and how are you going to change the situation. It's exhausting, but you get a lot done. Now the Lord wants me to be even more exactly obedient, AND  happier rather than more stressed out with all the details. I'm going to need prayer these next 40 days as I work on ALL the things that drive the Spirit away. But I know I am going to find happiness, I have to! If I can't find it here being exactly obedient how will I ever find it in the eternities? 
Anyways... Last week Tash asked me what I'm working on right now, and between then and now I am working on A LOT, so I thought I would share. 
Mark got scared this week. He kept all his appointments until it came to the Stop Smoking Program. It was so sad. He has never missed an appointment like that! This week we went over a whole lot. He is so close to conversion it's just a matter of letting go of the old and embracing the new. I think he got scared of how close he was to baptism. We are going over in a few hours and will clear things up and get him back on track. 
Other than that we are in need of new investigators, so pray for us to find! We haven't had a lot of time to devote to finding lately so this week we are finally ready to really devote time to it and find the elect. 
It was the coldest week in the world. But yesterday we walked around in T shirts.... It was around 65 degrees. We had an hour so we went to a park that is kind of like Mary S Young and walked the trails, it was so fun! I need more nature.  
I got my Valentines package! It was so exciting! I love all the pictures and letters so much. I couldn't even go through all of it at once. I loooove the family photo. Also everything else in it was awesome, I already went through all the talks and have been putting the chocolate, highlighters, sticky-notes, and cd's to good use. I was very happy about it. 
More good news. My warmth package got here just in time for winter to end!!!!! Oops, got to work on that sarcasm. I really am so happy it's here, it's supposed to get cold again this week.
I love you all a lot! Have a good week!
Sister Stevens

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