Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rain rain go away!

February 10, 2014

Awwwky awk sauce photo!! Oh well,  it's kinda funny!

So we were very fortunate to have Sister Gatlin still not be able to find a job. The Lord is blessing us for sure, and she is getting blessings too! I foresee a reeeaally good job offer coming for her soon. The reason we are so blessed is because she will take us anywhere, anytime, and come in with us, or wait for us, or go run errands and come back for us. A lot of people in the Ward we just can't take to certain areas or people. We did have to bike some on Thursday, in the SNOW. It was horrible, the wind chill is KILLER. We were biking as fast as we could and I couldn't feel my legs, then I tried to put my lips together and couldn't, the cold has made me not be able to talk very well before but never not be able to close my mouth! I really hate being cold.
Things with Mark are going really well! It is taking foreverrrr to get through the lessons but that is to be expected from someone who really thinks about things and has questions and everything. He apologized for unloading on us the first few visits and not letting us talk much now that he realized the importance of our message. We teach him almost every day, and he has a triple combo now and is loving D&C. He likes connections like me so he gets excited when he finds the truth of all the philosophy books and the Bible and everything he's assumed or learned, written in scripture and finally complete. I love finding the doctrine for all the things I've always been taught but never had scriptural connections for. But most importantly, he is recognizing the Spirit. We convinced him to stay for the baptism after church yesterday and he couldn't get through the closing song. He turned and said, "The Spirit's so strong, I can't sing." Did I mention he has never been baptized? He still kinda considers himself saved when he accepted Jesus into his heart when he was 12, BUT we found someone in the South who hasn't been baptized, and wants to be! That has never happened with anyone who has been willing to listen! 
I talked to the Mission President at interviews about Visa stuff and he said he still feels how he felt a couple months ago, like it was coming soon... I felt like I should read the story of Moses the other day and it was so applicable. The Brazilian gov. is pharaoh, and I'm a child of Israel who keeps being told over and over I'll be delivered, and the church is Moses doing everything they can! It's just funny, the Lord keeps telling them over and over that he will deliver, they have to go through a whoooole lot but it happens! Luckily I don't have it as hard as them AT ALL, because I'm lovin it where I'm at, but it was still cool to read.
In other news...
Johnny got the Priesthood yesterday! 
I ate at Waffle House for the first time. Once you get over the grossness, it's really good! 
That's about it for this week. Love y'all!!!!! :)
Sister Stevens

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