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January 30, 2014

It has been a super weird week and a half, we had our service day Monday and then found out we HAVE to change our Pday to Thursday due to sever weather. So then we had 6 empty hours to plan for in the sever weather and cancel all our Thurdsay appointments. It was frustrating, second time on the mission I've had a 10 day stretch to Pday. OH WELL.
Ok update on Johnny- Elder Atkinson is on his way to baptize him RIGHT NOW, driving all the way from Wyoming or something. I can't believe it's really happening! So glad I get to be here for it. I just know his family is going to be so blessed because of it, adn they are really in need of some blessings right about now. They have been experiencing some really unfortunate things the past year, and I know situations are going to look up. Even if they don't all look up he is going to have the Holy Ghost to get him through it. We had some really cool lessons with him this week, no one has ever really gotten on his level and made sure he understands, we taught him the Plan of Salvation suuuper simply, and he taught it back to us! We also taught him about the Priesthood and he is so excited to be able to minister to his family rather than having to call the home teachers or elders multiple times a month.  
For our service day on Monday we went and helped Toni- Johnny's wife clean out her daughters house. She just kinda took whatever she could carry and disappeared with her kids and everything. Really sad, for what it was she held it together pretty well. We packed and cleaned everything. It was good, she would have been able to finish one room that day by herself. It was a good use of the day, wayyy more meaningful than any other service day we've had. It's frustrating because we just happened to ask her if she needed help. We just want to serve people, and we know there are people to serve, but finding service is just harder than it should be. Missionary work and service are the two best things in the world! So it was a good day.
We have been having some real miracles. Finding is probably the hardest part about the work but also the most rewarding. When you put the effort out there Heavenly Father really blesses you and puts people in your path. It has been not ideal tracting time the last few days because the tempurature has been like 20 degrees but with humidity and wind chill factored in more like 5 degrees. But we've been blessed to be able to make good use of our time still because of all the finding we did the week before! They actually even had school off the last couple days because it's that cold, not snow days.. Just cold days.
We have really been getting members out with us lately, we pretty much doubled the work we've done with them in the past few weeks. It has been really having a good effect on our work.
Well I love you guys so much! Talk to you in a few days....
Seester Stevens

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