Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A whole new world!

April 28, 2014

OK I have so much news!!!
Lets start with the trip.... Uhhhh we took me and my comps luggage on the Onibus, then rode an overnight onibus all alone for 8 hours, and slept maybe 3... Then met my comp and loaded all my thousand pounds of luggage and broken suitcase (not excited about that) on another onibus to my area... and then dragged all thousand pounds all the way to our adorable little Brazilian house. 
Our house we share with two other Sisters, they live upstairs. It is pretty nice inside compared to all the other apartments on the mish which isn't saying much. but I'm REAL happy about it.
My companion is Sister Garay, she has 2 transfers on the mish- so she just finished training, and is from Columbia. So yeah, we are learning pretty much everything together. She speaks pretty well though, sometimes the accent is tough but teaching and contacting is no problem for her and she understands everything. Thank goodness for that, sometimes we leave a lesson and I swear I understand everything but after she's like- ohhh I cant believe---- and Im like- when did they say that!? Its a little hard for us to communicate, and get to know each other but its better everyday, and she's way chill. 
Ok, this zone is so different, they are intense about everything. We report numbers like every night and get chastised if they aren't good enough. My first day after unpacking and taking a short nap we taught 25 "lessons" and made 100 contacts that didn't include those people we taught. I loved it! We went back to plan at 9 and counted our lessons and were missing one, and she was like- I don't believe this, come on were have to reach the standard. So we put our shoes back on and went and found someone on the street and taught them a quick lesson, and then went back and finished.
The area here, Beurarema is like I was flying over some third world country and the plane crashed and I landed here. Its in the mountains/jungle, a little city in the middle of nowhere. It is the best thing ever. I like it so much more than the other big, crazy, loud city. Cows wander around, the streets are only dirt and cobblestone, people ride horses. Its still way hot but gets down to like 70 at night, feels sooo good! 
Our church is not a ward, and not a branch, but a group. We have like 40 people meet together in a local college. Me and my comp and some young men set up the classroom for sacrament, and the bishop drives in from Itabuna. Crazy small. No more almoco for me:( 
It was crazy like my first day I just feel like my heart was opened, and my tongue was loosed, and my brain regained its capacity and I just everyday have thanked the Lord every day for pouring out so many gifts for me right now. It was seriously overnight. My love for the people. My ability to speak. My ability to understand them, all of it is just 100% better, Im so thankful, Ive never felt so blessed. 

Hope y'all have a good week! 
Eu amo voces!!!! 

Sister Stevens 

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