Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mesma Coisa

At stake conference

Another week and another transfer in West Monroe! It's t-day can you believe it. Starting transfer #4 in the MJM. I am just loving life as usual. We were on bikes this week, we got caught in the rain so many times, ended up having to go under abandoned porches to wait it out a few times. Cause when it rains it RAINS, 3 seconds in it is worse than 3 seconds in a shower.
This transfer we got the required tracting hours every week! It was so good! Tracting is not as successful here so we have covered a ton of ground. This week we have had some really good moments though. One lesson was to this old black lady just sitting on her porch, we were telling her about the Book of Mormon and she just kept being like, "Are you serious!?!" and we were like, "YES! It's a big deal!". Can't wait to go back to her tomorrow, she called to tell us she couldn't make our appointment and rescheduled, that's how you know they're gold! We also went into this girls house, like the first time the whole week someone actually let us IN. We taught the whooole restoration and she wouldn't say much, even when we would ask questions. Which is so different cause let me tell you, people here like to taaaalk. She just listened and looked at us mesmerized, but it was hard to tell if any of it was getting through. Then at the end she kept saying, "I learned something" and "thank you for teaching me". It was so good! We go back there tomorrow too.
It was Stake Conference, which was sooo fun! I got to see so many other missionaries and catch up with the Bastrop Sisters, and the Bastrop members! I got to just stand and talk to all the people who used to take care of me it was the best. Just as good as seeing people was all the talks and topics. Our Mission President got up and spoke about missionary work. It was a lot of what Elder Kopishke said but with his own twist. As members we have so much knowledge that is so incredibly important, it is what we need to be sharing, even if it's just clearing up misconceptions. People that hear the message of the restoration are better off than they were whether they accept it at the time or not. That's what we have to keep remembering, people have their agency, it's more than accepting the gospel, it's acting on it, that's that hard part! President also talked about how Christ is the author, AND finisher of every persons faith. We can and need to invite as much as we can so that everyone has the opportunity to allow Christ to give them more and more, to continually add to their faith.
I just love these people here. I need to work on loving those with harder hearts as well as those with open hearts. I reeaally tried that when we tracted for 3 hours on Sunday, no matter who it was I told myself I loved them so much and that whoever answered would have so much potential. It ended up making it so that when we rejected I couldn't even hide the disappointment from my face, I think it made them feel awkward and bad for saying no. Usually I'm pretty good about hiding it and just cheerfully moving on but not when I made an extra effort to love them. On the bright side, whenever someone did let us teach there was extra enthusiasm.
It's good to hear from home! I can't believe it's fall! I also can't believe Kelly turns 18 in less than a month!
Keep up the good work y'all. I never thought I would say that. I don't even notice peoples accents here anymore, and if you can't tell by the emails, my English is going downhill faster than my Portuguese! Oh well.
Love you guyzzzz,

Seester Stevens

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