Thursday, October 3, 2013

Turd the cat sends me to the ER

Wellll I guess I'll get the Emergency Room story out of the way since it's probably all your really wondering about. But I have to tell about my whole day Thursday.
It was just a normal thirsty Thursday, started out great until I decided we needed to check up on some people before our 1:30 appt, so we end up taking the long way to the church and some psycho lady doesn't see me so I'm swerving out of the way just in case and go off the slanted curb and immediately try to get back on without taking it at an angle and my bike started skidding out and I supermanned the side walk. Not too bad though actually, mostly my right leg is missing skin for about 6x2 inches. I was like lets just get to the church before the adrenaline wears off and it starts hurting. I cleaned it and we taught Travis the preacher and Chase, and it was a normal lesson but at the end when they tried to schedule we had to drop them:( it was so sad. The mood in the room just dropped, there was sadness all over everyone, besides my companion she was glad about it. It had to happen I guess, we just had to explain that as missionaries we can't continue to teach them without any progression. Then we just told them to call us when they had read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. It was way harder than I thought, and they were way more upset than I thought they'd be. We had an x-police detective there teaching with us and he was like, "y'all were getting to them!" Anyways, it was more pain on top of a painful day. Did I mention I think he's Duck Dynasty's preacher? I'll know for sure soon.
Whoa this is the longest story in the world. At dinner than night we were at a members house with some cats, we eat there all the time and I just don't rub my eyes and I'm always fine. Until the stupid cat whose name, no joke, is "Turd" rubs all against my uncovered wound. My eyes and skin started itching really bad so I made us leave. Then in the car I felt my eyes swelling almost shut and my throat swelling too. Sister McDonough heard me wheezing over the phone and said to go to the ER. I thought they would just stick me with an epi-pen and let me go but noooo before I knew it I was on a hospital bed with heated blankets, hooked up to oxygen, and an IV in my arm. You'd think I was dying. It was a little ridiculous but they said it had to happen and about an hour later I was all good. I really hate needles so as the nurse was doing the IV she was praying. It was so funny, just prayin' out loud for me, only in the South.
I only have time to tell about one other thing that happened. We went to check up on our investigator who we love Courtney. She was a little skeptical about telling us about her week but we got it out of her. Turns out there was an evil spirit in her house. It was in her young daughters room and some freaky stuff happened. We were able to get some Priesthood over there later that night and they gave a blessing on the home and we told her how she can get rid of it. We were also able to tell her that because she had committed to baptism and was doing so well, the adversary was working as hard as it could. Doing anything it could to scare her. She had called a bunch of other Preachers and whatnot but said the house had been great since we came and the blessing was done. She came to church on Sunday too!
Other than that we did a "church swap" with a guy named Linonel. He came to our church in the morning, and we went to his Pentecostal church last night. It was pretty much everything I dreamed it would be with preaching and shouting and speaking in tongues. Half of it was like a Christian rock concert, you bet I was up clappin' to the music with everyone. Everything the Preachers were saying was good but they were disorganized and speaking so fast and so loud that nothing could sink in. There was no room to think of anything for yourself. It was missing the why and the how of things. Just a testimony to how the spirit is the real teacher when he impresses things on our minds.
Thanks for all the exciting news and support annnnnd everything. Love you guys a lot and have to try not to miss you too much!
Sister Stevens

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