Thursday, October 3, 2013

West Monroe Week 5

Sorry about last weeks email. I hate emailing in the middle of the week. Also we were having a day of disappointment, we were 0 for 4 for our set appointments. BUT the fifth one went through with a really cool lady who we get along with so well. She has kind of a tragic story, raised in the church by her aunt (parents died when she was about 10) and then her aunt left it when she was 17 and so she ended up fading out of it. She's at a point where she knows her life is wayyy better when she's doing the things she is supposed to and living closer to the Lord. She's from the West so not that I don't love the South but it's refreshing. We just get each other! We are going to start teaching her husband the lessons as well so that is super exciting.
On Thursday we were walking around the ghetto and this guy yelled at us so we went and talked to him. Turned out he's a youth pastor and just wanted to bash, this is what we get a lot of. He took my Bible opened to Genesis "we have the beginning!" then to Revelation "and the end! Now how you think you gonna add any!? Bible's got it all, none of this Book of the Norman ya heard?" (that's really what people call it) All of that is normal the funny part is that on our way to that house I found a little sheath and thought one of elders might like it so I picked it up and in the middle of explaining the importance of the Book of Mormon one of his friends saw it in my bag and was like, "we got the sword to go with that" and then one of them came out with two huge swords and before I knew it one was in my hand and he was yelling, "aight we gonna fight! Latron get this on instagram!" So right as we were about to go head to head the other guy grabs it out from my hand and charges him with it. It was some good comic relief for that day. And I got a dagger out of it.
We continue to teach Karl and Travis the Preacher, it's going pretty well, they are still stuck on some anti stuff but really liked our gospel discussion. This week is going to be big though, he wants to learn about the Priesthood because he performs ordinances without it. Pretty nervous, but the Bishop is most likely going to be there so it's going to be really good. The Ward is starting to take us seriously and the damage reversed one member at a time.
The one thing I wanted to write about last week is the bike crash I got it. I was adjusting my little lantern and trying to get it on the right setting and lost balance and ended up jumping off my bike and throwing it in a ditch. Well I had to go in and rescue it but there didn't seem to be any damage... Until we got to a stop sign and I found out it had disconnected the brake wires just in time to crash into my companion. It's a miracle that's the worst wreck at this point.
Can you believe I've been out 5 months!? I can't. I always want to write you a testimony but I just don't know where to start, I cannot even start because there's too much to say and any words I can type just wouldn't do!
I miss you all a lot, thank you for being the best. Especially for being such good examples, would not be here without you. Everyday I think about how I'm not even worthy to have such an awesome family. Love you guys a looot.
Seester Stevens

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