Wednesday, November 6, 2013

6 months

Guess what. This week I hit my 6 month mark! AH. It's weird, I don't really like it. I'm not ready to be so old, I still have so much to do and teach and learn and improve on! I don't even know what else to say about it, I just can't believe it! Doesn't feel real. Time started passing reaaaally quickly. Can you believe I've been waking up at 6:30 everyday for 6 months!!!! Yeah, still not easy.
I don't know where to start this week... Let me start with Courtney. Last weekend was rough since she dropped off the planet, but Sister Zemp (exchanges) and I were biking around that side of town and I was scared in case she got anti-ed or something and hated us cause she disappeared, but once again, we came just in time. She had a 5 day eviction notice on her house..... SATAN. The adversary is attacking her from all sides, I've never seen anything like it. BUT she is relying on the Lord, she always says, "He's always be puttin me in a position where I got no one to rely on BUT HIM. " She wasn't able to make it to church yesterday because big surprise her car with no problems wouldn't start! But later it started just in time to have to take her niece, whose car also broke down back to college so she could be at class in the morning. Of course no one else could take her during the same hour Courtney was supposed to stop smoking. This all makes it sound like she's making up excuses but trust me, in her words, "ain't nothin but the devil." It's okay! Tonight, we are doing to the 15 steps to stop smoking lesson and by the time I write you next week she'll be living the Word of Wisdom!
Linonel is giving us trouble. He's come to church, general conference, and a baptism now. It's all coming down to the Book of Mormon, he just can't accept it and won't read it. We've testified out of it so many times, and teach out of it every lesson, he doesn't disagree with any of it. It makes me so sad, the truth is right there in his hands!
Exchanges were so good, my companion was super bold, we worked pretty well together. It was awesome, I think since the last exchanges were so rough it was made up for this time. We did so much work and everything fell into place, miracles happen! We got to go to a Community of Christ (RLDS) church for a church swap we are doing, it was their Contemporary Service. It was good but again, a testimony that the spirit is the only teacher for spiritual things. The topic was faith, I agreed with everything the Preacher was saying but... I couldn't remember much after, it all got in my mind, but none in my heart to teach me and direct me to change and apply the things I heard. Also we closed our eyes for closing prayer, and when we opened them there was a disco ball and the lights were off and a Christian Rock band with lyrics came on the screens for the closing hymn. Good fun. It's hard cause if TJ leaves, their attendance will go from 8 people to 7 people. His family has been in that church forever. The spirit is working on him though, as soon as he's ready for change he'll get his answer.
We had to say goodbye to one of my favorite investigators moving to Delaware! It was so sad. We are referring it and making sure the missionaries go right over.
Yesterday our Stake President met with us for a minute and then came into Relief Society and called out all the Sisters for not going on splits with us. It was a good moment, a little awkward because he was a little harsh about it and automatically all the attention was on us, but it needed to happen. During the lesson my companion was talking about the blessings they get from helping us and the teacher was like, "yeah so feed the Sisters". I was like NOOOO. If they're going to give us one hour a month let it be teaching with us not feeding us, maybe I'll get up the guts to speak those words next week... Or maybe I'll have found a nicer way to say it. Anyways... Help the missionaries! Has anyone been able to go out lately? Any cool experiences?
My leg is pretty much healed! The last of the scabs are almost gone. Scar is nasty though:/
Anyways, don't worry about me just loving life and my calling and the Lord. Welllll I love you all a looooot!
 Tchau Tchau

Sister Stevens

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