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March 31, 2014

Ok we only get an hour to email and I didn't get to last week so here I go Im gonna try to write about all the things. 
Ok my last week in the MTC was otimo. The highlights were going out and proselyting in Sao Paolo and handing out 5 Book of Mormons. Meeting with the head guy of the international MTCs to talk about how he can improve the program and stuff. Oh and I forgot to mention, every night at 9 o clock we hear a cart rolling down the hall and its time for lanche!!! They give you a snack with a fruit, juice box, and sandwhich every night, it is the best thing ever, besides that I am engordando.
Aaaand getting called out of Relief Society to talk to President... uhhhhh yeah that was a terrifying feeling, I was wondering who died. Luckily no one but he did want me and a few other visa waiters to speak at the devotional that night about what we learned in the field. So I didn't get a nap that day. Luckily my roomie from Portugal is so good at English and corrected my mistakes for me. We only had a few minutes to speak so it was the most stressful thing in the world. Ok... 11 months.. what have I  learned, and what do these missionaries need to know about the field? Well I don't have it with me but it went really well, besides the translator saying everything wrong. It went from english in my brain to portuguese then back to english so it was frustrating when he said everything wrong. ex- mission does not equal life, but thats what he changed it to. Man I was so nervous though,I think thats the biggest crowd I've ever spoken in front of and missionaries, ah! But I had a lot of missionaries randomly come up to me and tell me they liked it or felt the spirit or cried so that really meant a lot. 
OK AND THEN I LEFT. My flight was the earliest out of anyones, so that would happen to me. The airport was so scary, I had no idea what was going on it was like a train station and they kept saying Salvador but with like 5 others cities so I was sooo confused. But I made it. Met Pres and his wife, she is so nice! 
(our convo- your father is a good man
oh did you talk to him
oh well your right but... 
he is a tax man like me!)
It was kinda sad the APs, office elders, and President individually told me to forget everything I know about missionary work and how we did things in the states and just forget it and make this my mission and things are different here. Had to swallow my pride there and just nod my head. 
Ok my companions- one is from Recife, Sister Gomes she is 26 and awesome! Like one of the best, she just has no fear and teaches so powerfully and simply and is so nice and patient. My other is from Rio de Janeiro, Sister Gama she is 22, also awesome, a little sassy, and has a huge english vocab so thats nice. 
Ok my apt is so tiny and nasty, not made for three, its taking some getting used to. Livable I just have to get used to bugs in my food, and on my desk, and in the shower always. I study at a small plastic table with a plastic chair. And sleep on 2 bed cushions on the floor, and have 1 foot of closet space with one drawer. Ok ok ok sorry it sounds like Im complaining but Im really just trying to give a feel of my life.
Oh and I got sick on the second day. My throat is sooo sore and my nose is just dripping, tmi? So yeah just pray for me to get better. Luckily I had some pretty good medicine. 
Ok the city! Some parts look JUST LIKE china! and some parts look just like Africa! Its awesome! I feel like Im walking around Old Shekou! But remember when I was hoping to get called to Africa? I did! I cant say that I haven't seen any other white people... But I can say that I can count them on one hand! And we pass like four thousand people a day. People arent too bad at staring but it happens, the little kids especially. 
Our ward is actually pretty big, like the biggest on my mission so far. And there are 3 sets of missionaries. Oh ps Im in the city Lauro de Freitas, just above Salvador. 
Ok Portuguese... I am learning lots of new words every day which is good but using them and putting together sentences is a major struggle. One the fourth day we finally sat down with people and taught pmg lessons and that I could do and participate! YAY!  But I cant understand a word they say other than that. Its frustrating because my companion will ask a question and I cant respond because I didn't know 2 out of 10 words they said... I am really working on listening more, and as always my conjugations and irregular verbs. I do like 1 of 10 contacts and always say the prayers. My comps tell everyone- she speaks well but you have to fala muuuiiito devagar. 
It was cool though my last night at the MTC i had a blessing and it said I would learn the language rapidly. So I have been relying on that a lot when I get frustrated. 
Ok we walk like 100 miles a day in the heat. It is so hot. 
Almoco (lunch) every day rice, beans, chicken and potatoes. 
out of time but I am loving it here more every day. 
and I didn't get to wish jade happy birthday! 

Seester Schevens 

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