Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boa Pascoa!

April 22, 2014

Ok this week was kinda cray. On Wednesday we had a meeting where we talked about safety because there was a rumor that the police were going to go on strike. Then after almoco all the shops were closed and there was like no one on the streets but we were just tracting and got a phonecall that the police were on strike and some elders were in a supermercado when all these people ran in and started just taking everything and threatening everyone. So we had to go in, it was sketch walking home, we had kind of a close encounter but made it and found out someone got shot like a half mile from our apt and people were getting robbed in the center- like right across the street... so yeah, the next day and friday too were kind of interesting, we had to play it by ear but definitely had to be in before it started getting dark. 
But the police started working again just in time for the holiday- easter is like a 5 day holiday here. All weekend just everyone on the streets drinking, dancing, playing dominoes, and a lot of the shops closed again, even Monday! Thats why Im emailing today. 
But my easter was really good! A member gave us each a box of chocolates. We went and got 5 people for church! It was like my dream to buscar pesquisadores para a igreja and it happened! With a much better outcome than last week. We have 2 couples that should be getting married in the next few months- then baptized and a lot more potential. Then we got transfer calls and Im leaving! ha.. Im going to the interior to Itabuna. 
Right now im in the lowest baptizing and lowest everything zone(in the words of my comp because everyone drinks and no ones married), but im going to the highest baptizing and everything zone! Im going to be senior comp already... wooooo.. ha 
A couple other things. 
Something annoying- when people ask my companions when Im right there listening, "does she understand?" or "does she talk?" so frustrating. Im like hi im right here and yes, maybe not everything but bastante! 
Something funny- here it is extremely racist to call africans pretos (blacks) it is politically correct to call them negros. Im glad they told me that one before I made a mistake. 

EU AMO VOCES!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

Seester Kachee Scheevens 

Story of my mission

Zona Imbui

Boa Pascoa Easter Sunday with some of our investigators.
The guy next to me and the girl in yellow are getting married in June, wooo!

Meu Avo, My grandpa

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