Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No time!

April 14, 2014

Ahhhh I hate having no time to email anyone! I wanted to write so much more cause we had an eventful week in church two. like after the second hour two of our investigators came up to us and asked if they could be baptized next week! 

We met these new investigators- getting passed off from the Elders to us, and after our lesson they showed us around their huge yard and they were so excited to show me all the fruits I`ve never tried before! I tried 7 fruits and 5 were new to me, like neeeever knew even existed. Who would have thought. But my favorite was this one that looks like a spiky watermelon that grows like a growth ont he tree, called Jaca if you want to look it up. Apparently it falls on peoples heads and they die cause theyre just huge! And the fruit is weird but sooo good! 
On Wednesday we woke up at 4, and were on the onibus by 5 30 for zone conference at 7. We rode the whole way standing up, it was lovely. But zone conference was so good! It was our zone- zona Imbui and zona Salvador. They made all the new kids bear their testimonies and I was feeling good about my Portuguese so I was trying to say some things I had in my brain in English but as I was standing there I couldnt do any of it! Like I dont know what happened, everyone was like t-t-today junior!!! It was so embarrassing, people were laughing and even I laughed. It was just horrible, I was like its ok the spirit will help me but it was just a big fail. Other than that.... the conference was so awesome, the whole thing was focused on repentance and its importance. I just loved it. With repentance better taught and better understood and better applied we can have better retention AND more conversion. So we had been warned that one dupla was going to have to teach Pres and Sister Andrezzo the point- through Christ we can be cleansed from sin. I was like I always get chosen, can we practice a little? So we had gone over it a couple times, but what do you know, out of mmmm about 35 duplas WE WERE THE ONES. What is with me always getting chosen here? So we marched to the front and I was still recovering from the horrible experience bearing my testimony but we got started and taught an awesome 10 minute lesson on being cleansed through Christ. We even switched off well, like, I taught and answered questions with my comps. After the Pres said I need to keep speaking with Sister Gama because I sound like Im from Rio de Janiero(like her) and they speak like gangsters down there. 
It was awesome to see Sister Brimley and we got to see another kid from our mtc district too! It was a little reunion. 
On Thursday it was just Sister Gomes and I cause a Sister in Itapua was sick. It was really good because it forced me to not sit back and let them teach, it was just us two. We had an awesome day too! We stayed super busy. 
The next day we had 2 bolos and ice cream so happy 1 year to me. It is so weird I cant believe I have been out for so long. I just keep telling myself 6 months is a long time, its cool, im not going home anytime soon at all.. I have SO MUCH time. Yeah, this is what I keep telling myself. But it really is a long time, you can get a lot done in 6 months! 

Eu amo voces muiiiitoooo!!!!!


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