Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Semana 2 em lauro de freitas.

April 7, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Everyone already knows you are the best, hope you know Im the number one advocate of that:) LOVE YOU!
Ok I´m gonna try and talk about all the things I didn't last week. 
First of all I know I said it was hot but let me tell you... I cant even do it justice. I think Louisiana summer was just as hot but I actually got to take breaks in peoples homes with air conditioning and sleep in air conditioning. But here its just all day every day HEAT. This lady in the MTC provo talked about how when she picked up her son here she was just shocked, she was like- I cant explain it but the sun is just hotter there, it pierces your skin. I was like nahhhhh, and forgot about it... Until I got here and was like ohhh nooo, she was right! And she didn't even talk about the crazy high humidity. But Im surviving, and adjusting, and MOM- I WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY can you believe it!?
EVERYONE gives beijos. I thought like maybe half or less of people but no. Its everyone. Ive received the most ridiculous amount of kisses on the cheek these last two weeks, and people expect me to kiss the back! Thats slowly becoming less weird and awkward for me. 
So last P-day we went to Pelourinho- like, the most famous place in Salvador! We saw the place where michael jackson held his baby over the balcony! haha. All the culture of Bahia is centralized. It´s the rasta capital of Brazil, Bob Marly everywhere. Also Maracumba (sp?), those ladies in their huge white dresses going to worship their mermaid god and invite spirits. (We actually run into those in our city quite often, you can tell by the way their dressed, but most have a white flag outside their house so you know to just skip it.) It was so cool! But also rough. So much beeeaach! The beach is in my area too though, every time we go up a big hill I look back and see the ocean and just stare for a sec and then turn around and get back to work. 
We have a really big area, we dont even really touch half of it. Seems like every day my feet start to hurt a little earlier than the day before. But thats ok, makes me feel better about how much I eat at almoco every day. "Come mais Sister, come mais!"
Other than that, sorry Im not telling a spiritual teaching story, we have had some really spiritual lessons. But we taught the gospel to this investigator and I love that because thats the easiest for me to teach and it was the first time we had taught it together and I taught the last point and asked him a question about his feelings about this path the Savior has provided for us to follow and he said in broken english, "you have the beautiful eyes." I was like.. are you kidding me? My companions were frustrated too. 
Conference was AWESOME! The best! I got to watch it with Sister Brimley too! I actually get to see her pretty often! Its the best!! I just loved the one about Joseph Smith, the spirit was SO STRONG, I love testifying of him! 
I saw some big improvements with the language this week. The listening is still the hardest, if I get lost in the convo I cant retune in, but I really just feel more and more confident and every day its getting easier to explain things. 
Anyways thats all I have time for this week. 
LOVE YOU ALL! muuuiiito amor! 
Seester Scheevens 

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