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June 16, 2014




Senhor Ivan's churrasco

Weeeelp it was yet another crazy week here in Beurarema. 
Also I forgot to mention last week that Sister Smith was chosen to give the training at Zone Conference. Remember when I had to do that with my comps my first zone conference here. Well the President said- and Sister Stevens can help you if she wants to. Obvs couldn't leave my comp on her own, so yeah, I continue to be the chosen one. 
Also I don't know if I mentioned that Sunday we finally met with the Ward Council of São Caetano with the President and his wife. It was real interesting. The whole thing was really good except for the part when we found out that all of our recent converts of the past year in Buerarema are not on the records of the ward. So now the question is if they are even members of the church. None of the men can be interviewed for Priesthood or anything until it gets resolved. 
My birthday was really good! Really Im thinking about the day and I don't remember much of what happened. But I did wake up to a cake that Sister Muller who lives upstairs made! It was tasty- they always use sweetened and condensed milk here so it reminded me of score cake. She also went running with me so that was really nice. Other than that it was a normal day.... until about 10:26, I was brushing my teeth and suddenly heard a really loud thump, and then I heard a voice of panic, Sister Muller started shouting, "Sister Stevens! Sister Stevens! Sister Stevens! Corre para Kelly Sister! Corre agora!" 
When I returned with Kelly Sister Mullers comp was on the ground. She had fainted and fallen through the bars from the top of our stairs at least 10 feet, and looked like she was in shock. (She didn't fall down the stairs, she fell of the stairs onto the ground, that was a hard one to explain to the nurses...)  I put her head on my lap and stabilized her neck and everything, and did the same thing all the way to the hospital, yelling in her ears, "NÃO PODE DORMIR!" 
Im just gonna skip the rest of the story and say that she is all good, nothing broken, not even a concussion. We got home at 3:30 and with permission from Pres definitely didn't wake up at 6:30 the next morning. 
On a brighter note, Sunday we received our first Almoço ever in Beurarema from Ivan and Lucia! It was sooooo good! Who needs Tuscan Grill when you have Senhor Ivans churrasco! 
Buuuut it did make me miss Dad because it was fathers day and I knew HE was grilling at the same time. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!
AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Thank you so much for our support, especially getting me on a mission. 

"To know what it means to be in the Lords hands we must look at the prints in the hands of the Savior" 

Sister Scheevens 

ps thanks for all the birthday wishes! wish I could reply them all! 

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