Monday, June 2, 2014

Never coming home!

May 26, 2014

Oiiiii familia!!!!
First off, I was wayyyy rushed last week, and now I worked on my scholarship info for the past hour so my brain already hurts sooo sorry for the quality of these letters. 
Last week I remember that I started writing about exchanges with Sister Martin and forgot why and just added the first thing that came to my mind. But the real reason I wanted to write about it is because we were tracting a little house and Sister Garay looked in the window and screamed and ran away was laugh crying. I approached and was way freaked out because it was all dark, I pushed the door open and there was a man sitting on the floor in the dark with only one leg, it scared her because his face was so close to the window and he's black like the rest of the world here so she couldn't see him. Anyways... after she got ahold of herself, we taught him about the Atonement and resurrection and how one day he will have his perfect body again thanks to the Savior. It was way cool, he'll never be able to make it to church and won't end in baptism but hey, I'm here to serve, and to love, and it was the best just to share with him that part of the good news of the gospel. Before we left Sister Martin pointed at his leg and asked what happened, he pointed at his foot on the other side and started talking about how it was really sore and she was like, uhhhhhh... because she was talking about-- what happened to the LEG THAT YOU DONT HAVE. hahahah 
This week we went to kilo 2 a loooot again. But worth it because there is a man there named Miguel who we have been teaching for 2 weeks and he should be getting baptized this Saturday!!!! Woooo. It was just perfect timing because he had just left his other church, and he's super prepared, we taught the word of wisdom and HE suggested that we throw out the coffee. 
It was a hard week because we decided to find novos in town where people have more money, rich neighborhoods are always rough but also always worth it when you find someone legit there. We spent from 1 to 6 30 doing that on Thursday to reach the padrao de quinta. 
I went on another exchange this week too because the other Beurarema Sisters are having problems and they just needed it. I was with Sister Muller from Rio Grande Do Sul for the day. It was so good, she is the best teacher in the world- because she taught elementary school before the mission, also Brazillians in general are so bold and blunt. It's fantastic. 
Our golden family is still golden. Learning everything and working on casamento, and they even fed us dinner! I love when they describe how they feel their faith growing, and how they don't need to pray anymore about these things because they already got their answer, and they never let us leave without telling us how much they love our teachings.
We went to Ilheus last Pday and it was the best thing ever, we explored and almost walked on the beach, and smelled the beach, and drank out of coconuts, and found acai. It was just wonderful. A reeeaaally cool city, I hope I get to go there next. 
Also we actually are going back for our other investigators who are getting married Ivanilde and Arivaldo. We have to get Arivaldo's birth certificate renewed there for him. Ivanilde was a woman the other Sisters didn't work with much but we started too and she is so great. We have the most spiritual lessons with her especially when her husband who has a lot of doubts is there. It is so cool how we can just feel the spirit working with him. I think they will get baptized together. 

ohhhh one more thing, President Andrezzo got back to me and I think that my new release date is Nov. 9...... #whatsreallife? #nevercominghome




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