Wednesday, June 11, 2014


June 10, 2014

First of all finally during our studies on Tuesday we got our electricity back! It was a long 5 days. we sang the millenial day song for comp study--- DIA DE LUUUUUUZZZZ! descanso e paz.... 
We received a ton of fruit this week, plantains, bananas, ginipapo(sp?) and cacau- a fruit that only grows in the interior of Bahia, one of those things that everyone thinks about when they think of Bahia, it is the weirdest fruit but reeeaal good! Its like eating candy. You just suck this white sticky stuff off of a big seed. I will send a pic.
Uhhhhh Thursday night I woke up at 3 30 and spent the rest of the night emptying out my whole body of anything. So that was great. Like the third time in my life I have ever been that sick. The other times it was just feel crappy and throw up and feel better. But this was hours of throwing up, and after my body wasn't finished and kept trying to throw up until all that was left NOTHING, and then my body tried to throw up a few more times. One of the worst nights of my life. Im getting a little too familiar with what the inside of our toilet looks like so close up. We worked for the second half of the day slowly and I was all good by Saturday
We had Stake Conference this week and Zone Conference was yesterday! Thats a lot of conference. 
Stake Conference was like a field trip, we had us missionaries and 15 others willing to make the journey. It was so good for Ivan and Lucia to see the chapel, they LOVED it! They were like can we come here every Sunday? And we were like NO! We need you in Buerarema! They are progressing soooo well, they come to us with all their doubts and questions and questions that other people ask them and are starting to help with the work too! 
Zone Conference was sooo good! I always love it. I know all these things that we need to apply in our work but I just feel like Im learning them for the first time because of the language switch, but its good because I already know how to apply them effectively! Also it was really good to just be with so many missionaries! I talked to a kid who waited in the MJM for a bit during lunch, it was good to remember all of it. I will always love the MJM. 
Everyone here is getting reeeaaal excited for the Copo Mundial! Streamers everywhere, people already don't want to talk to us because of games, and all that good stuff. Thursday is the first game for brazil. The rule is that we´re gonna continue to work, just not during games of Brazil. 
Im finally having the transfer that everyone has on their missions where they learn patience... Its not like I haven't had to learn it the whole time but especially now. It had to happen sooner or later. But I read the best quote this morning! 
"The meek are filled with awe and wonder with regard to God and His purposes in the universe. At the same time, the meek are not awestruck by the many frustrations of life; they are more easily mobilized for eternal causes and less easily immobilized by the disappointments of the day." Elder Maxwell.
I dont even have to say anything about that its sooo good! Also I read Alma 26:1 this morning and it is so true. I had no idea all the blessings I would receive when I left for a mission, Im just so thankful! Especially to have a happy healthy family. Sorry I cant respond anyone this week, this email took all my time! 

EU AMO VOCES!!!!!!!!!!
Seester Scheevens 

and don't forget commandment #1 of Bahia. Nao fa├ža amanha o que voce pode fazer depois amanha. 

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