Monday, June 2, 2014

Going batty and a baptism

June 2, 2014

Baptism of Miguel 

Flood in our apt. (but really so you can see my sick tanlines #theysayyoucantellamissionarybytheirfeet!)

I don't even know where to start this week... 
We didn't get our transfer call until 6 o' clock on Monday for transfers Tuesday so that was torture. But I have a new companion here in Buerarema named Sister Smith, she's from Virginia and she's cool. She has 3 transfers in the field and is American. The other Beurarema sisters are 2 Brazilians with more than 7 months each so I don't really know what happened there. 
I sent off Sister Garay Tuesday night and spent the night in Itabuna, and was at the Rodoviaria at 5 30 the next morning for Sister Smith, until 11 30 when Sister Carlos showed up. We finally made it to our area at 3 in the afternoon. 
Everyday we walked to kilometer 2 to teach Miguel. It was crazy. We had so much to prepare him and so little time! But he was baptized Saturday! It was so good! Also crazy but that's normal, satan works extra hard day of. He refused to get baptized in the rio so we went to Itabuna in the chapel for the baptism. It is so weird to have no members there, no bishop, just us missionaries. I just love to hear people talk about how happy they are after. I think asked him like 100 times, "Miguel! Como vocĂȘ se sente!?" Baptisms are always beautiful. My first in Brazil too! 
Now for the rest of the week... We got back to our house after a rainy day at about 7 at night to find that we didn't have any light. Yep, our electricity got cut off. Then 10 minutes later after eating a cold dinner, the giant box that holds all the water for the bathroom fell (again, it got fixed- or so I thought- like three weeks ago). We stabilized it and tried to figure out our electricity and then the box fell again but this time, broke the connection, so we ran into the house to find a jet stream of water from the bathroom to the wall in the hallway on the opposite side. We ran for help and a few minutes later our neighbor came in (and said that the guy who fixed it the last time told her that he was going to wait for it to fall before really fixing it and getting rid of the huge box, you'd think she would tell us?) and tried to block and we found the switch to cut off the water flow aaaaand spent the next two hours sweeping water out of our apartment, in the dark, and calling the office asking why in the world our light got cut off!
That night the water started again. At 3 30 in the morning. We carried our mattresses upstairs, wondering where all the water was coming from and then from 4 30 to 8 o' clock the next morning swept water our of our house again. All day Friday and Saturday we were on the phone and finally Saturday night the office Elders figured out that they had only paid for one of the Beurarema sisters electricity..... 
So we've been camping out on the floor of the other Sisters and living off of bread and some Nutella Sister Smith brought, because all the food in the fridge went bad. 
The week kind of revolved around dealing with and suffering for other peoples mistakes, but hey, I'm still happy, good thing I agreed to forget myself right? I read a talk this week about how the Lord wants us to be able to carry 3x the load as normal, and he has to teach us how to do that, that way, later when we have other trials or challenges or callings, he can trust us completely. Like how at first Peter denied Christ three times, but by the end of his ministry decided he wasn't even worthy to die the same way Christ did, and asked to be crucified upside down. 


Seester Scheevens 

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