Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Doida Beurarema

August 11, 2014

Well I dont have much time so Im just gonna start right off. On Wednesday the most ridiculous thing happened. We were on our way to our district meeting and our onibus just stopped... and like 15 minutes later people started getting agitated, theres never traffic on the highway... but finally someone passed by and said there was a protest up the road, so about half the people left the bus and started to walk to Itabuna! It was a good 3 miles to the chapel and we had to pass the protest, they were burning a bunch of tires in the middle of the road. We had to run and jump when we got close to it(or add a bunch of distance walking around). It was reeeaaal warm on the side of my body of the fire but I was needing the adventure. We walked around the crowds of people and finally got to our meeting. 
This week has been kinda rough because everyone has been anti-ing our members and investigators. Whyyyy is it so easy to convince people that we are a cult? Or that we still practice polygamy? Or thatSaturday is really still the Sabbath. We lost some investigators and a member but I think they'll want the spirit back in their lives with time. 
Everyone we are teaching right now smokes, first we found everyone in Buerarema that needs to get married and then everyone who needs to quit smoking. Addictions are the worst! 
This week an Elder asked me if I was gaining weight recently. The answer is yes. I dont know how that works because we dont even get fed here! 
We have a member here who got a blessing from the Elders last Sunday for her health because when we saw her she was curled up on her bed crying and her mom said she had been like that for days. She was skinny to start out with but she was like skin and bone, it looked like there was nothing under the blanket! We have been having to pass by to help her eat, she only takes milk or mingau from her mom and so we go and make her eat beans and rice and stuff. It is a struggle getting her out of bed and to eat but we somehow convince her every time. We finally found out she had some macumba done on her a few years back and there's a spirit that follows her and tells her she's going to die and not to eat and not to sleep. After that it made sense why she would only talk and eat when we were there. So we sent the elders again to bless the house this time and I think it will be good now. 
Thats pretty much it in doida Beurarema, gotta love every minute, it's real bittersweet that transfers are next week... gonna be interesting! 

Obrigada por tudo familia! Te amo! 

Seester Scheevens 

PS finally got my bday package!!! the bad news is my feet are full of blisters. 

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