Monday, August 25, 2014


August 25, 2014

I finally got the t-call at 6 30 on monday. I then I packed my bags and said goodbyes Tuesday, rode an overnight bus, and here I am in Mussurunga (moo-soo-doo-nga) with my new comp Sister Palma- I finally got a black companion!!!! Sister Brimley was training her for the last 6 weeks and now Im gonna finish training her for the next 6 weeks. Now Sister Brimley and I have 2 daughters! HA 
Mussurunga is awesome. First of all it is HUGE! and a city! Wayyy different. There is a ward here! We have a bishop and a ward mission leader and almoço! And our apartment is chique de mais! que felicidades. We live like 10 steps from the "chapel" really its an old school thats white and yellow and orange tile, with a huge sign of the church it is so funny. Also the baptismal font is like built into the side of where we have sacrament meeting, soooo funny. We share the ward with the Zone Leaders which is a little intimidating but also awesome because they help us a lot! 
Ok the only thing about a Mussurunga that is a little unfortunate is that it is HILL CITY. Like death hills. Everyone walks in zig zags to get up these hills that are EVERYWHERE. But at least it will help me not get too much fatter with these almoços. 
We have this investigator that the Sisters had only been teaching for about a week named Afonso. He's gonna get baptized this Saturday, he is sooo funny! Like the funniest old man I've ever met. We always have to say, "aqui Afonso! agoro eu vou falar Afonso, preste atenção Afonso!" When the bread for sacrament was passed he said-- and next comes the feijoada é? and then the water-- they dont have soda é? Yiiiiikes but he is golden nonetheless. 
I have more peeps here to help stop smoking. MAN it's a hard one. One is a recent converts grandson, some idiot told him that to stop doing drugs it was best to start smoking so that he could have something else to do for a feel good and stay occupied. This was after he took two bullets to the head by some dealers... But he cried this week when we committed him, he really does want it.
We did a lot of door knocking in Buerarema to find people to teach but here its alllll street contacts, so different! Everything is! I feel like Im learning to do missionary work all over again... again. But I am just so happy to be here and part of the work and that the Lord had this in the plan for me.


Seester Scheevens

ps also I taught my first English class on Wednesday too! It was way fun! 

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