Sunday, August 3, 2014

Missionary work is life

July 28, 2014

This week didnt have anything tooooo exctiting happen but Saturday was beautiful. We went to Itabuna for the baptism of Senhor José Jaconias. The man who moved half way through teaching him. It was maybe the best baptismal service of the mission. We have a professional violin player and a really good piano player who did all the music, and we had the meeting in the chapel, and the Bishop was there! It was just so spiritual! Such a shame we couldnt get ANY of his family there, but it was awesome. Theres really not anything else I can say about it. I sat by him on the onibus home and he talked about his first baptism as a baby in the Catholic church and various other baptisms he had since but how he finally found, "o plenitude do evangelho e o batismo certo." 
I attached a pic of out cacau! I know I talk a lot about it but it is literally like peoples lives here, they come out the womb growing and collecting and preparing the cacau for the chocolate factories. Someone gave us some seeds this week and we are going to make our own chocolate! I cant wait! But we have to let it ferment in the sun like a whole week. 
We have a whoooole lot of potential here but lately no progress. It is really frustrating. Like so many people who want it and are learning but not doing anything with it! 
We had a big scare with Ivan and Lucia this week. It was soooo weird, all of the sudden they are just like really cold and doubting. They werent at church and we thought it was because Lucia was sick so we went to the rescue with the Elders but turns out they were just not feeling it. I almost started crying, and they could see it. It was a really tense meeting but in the end all three of them got a Priesthood blessing of comfort and counsel and the spirit was SO STRONG! Thank goodness. I literally have been so stressed out ever since they started acting like that, and yesterday was the worst and I was like- they probably think Im crazy for almost crying for them just because they didnt go to church today and dont want to pray about a baptismal date anymore but then I realized.. I dont have anything else to occupy my heart and thoughts. Like I wish I could explain to them... I love my family- but you are my family! and I love sports- but missionary work is my only game! and I usually have college to worry about- but when we study together IS my college. É bom perder si mesmo no trabalho. Being in a place like Beurarema where the world doesnt exist, its wayyy easier to lose yourself in the work. Im so grateful to be serving right now. I love missioary work! Do it! Dont be scared to invite people to come to Christ, theres no other place or way to really be happy, and who doesnt want that?
Love you family! 
tchaaaauuuuu ate proxima semana! 

Sister Stevinha

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