Monday, August 18, 2014

Priesthood Power

August 18, 2014

Oiiii famiiilia. 
Eu finalmente tem uma resposta sobre a data que vou voltar. A Primeira Presidência disse que não posso ter mais tempo, nem um dia mais! :( Então minha data oficial para voar a casa é dia 9 de Novembro. 
This week was good, I remember that I didnt agradecer very much for the package I got, so again THANK YOU. My ears are happy with the motab, my feet are happy with the chacos, and my face is finally clean again thanks to the face wash!
Good news, that lady Carla was out of bed all week! When we visited her this week it felt so much better entering the house than before. She has been normal ever since the Elders did the blessing there. AND her Mom was so grateful and impressed that she came to church yesterday! (we've been inviting her forever.) GO PRIESTHOOD.
Speaking of Priesthood, Diego got a blessing yesterday, he has been having a reeaal hard time putting it down for good. Everyday I tell him- Go, Diego go! haha. We caught him smoking in the street this week and he was reeeaaal embarrassed. But he needed it. The next day we had an awesome come unto Jesus lesson and I made him imagine that it was us that found him smoking in the street but Christ who found him smoking. We read Mosiah 3:19 and he said it scared him, but it was in a good way. He hasn't smoked since. 
We're really hoping he can make it to Saturday so he can finally be baptized. The problem here is that we have a bunch of people that need to get married or have a Word of Wisdom problem that want to be baptized but cant. But at the same time a bunch of people that dont have any problems now but dont want to get baptized! I wish it was possible to give them that desire but its not... so we're doing all we can. Praying, and trying to teach them about God's love for them. They just dont get the Atonement! 
Speaking of the atonement, yesterday at church the Bishop asked me to talk a few minutes before sacrament meeting started.... I put together a talk about 3 blessing Heavenly Father has given us, the plan of salvation, gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Restauration. I connected each one to the atonement. How it is central in God's plan, and in our lives, how we apply it through the gospel, and how it is only thanks to the restauration that we can apply it fully. I held up a pic of Michelles wedding with the whooole fam as I talked about how thanks to the atonement and restauration- as familias poderão ser eternas. Got a liiittle choked up, congrats, only you guys can make me choke up. I was glad I got to talk because I think it was probs my last Sunday here. just 5 more hours till we get our t-call.... 
This morning was the best because one of the investigators of the other Sisters used to teach Capoeira and every morning this past week Sister Goodwin and I have been running to his house to help him stop smoking maconha because he always used to do it first thing in the morning. We pass by and make sure he's reading the Book of Mormon and that he's already prayed. But this morning he met us all at a field and gave us a Capoeira lesson! (Like fight dancing) It was the best! He said, "Raaaapaaaz esta menina tem sangue de negro!" So that was the best compliment ever. I attached a pic of us.

Love you all a lot, and really love this work, dont forget to be a part of it too. 

Seester Scheevens

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