Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2 months in MJM

Well the computer just deleted my entire email home:( so sorry if it's shorter and stupid the second time around. We have just been working hard in Bastrop. It's a small city but there is so much work to do. They are actually moving a set of Elders down next month. Sometimes I feel like that's gonna be a bit crowded but it will be good. I read 2 Nephi 28 this week and I swear Nephi was looking right at the South when he wrote it. I was just loving it agreeing with every verse, and I read v32 and it is just so true. Two sets of missionaries in this tiny of a city, the Lords arm is truly lengthened all the day long. On Friday night we got a text "reminding" us that we were speaking Sunday, HA you can't remind someone of something they never knew about in the first place. They want us to speak out of PMG and my studying led me to the verse that says if you don't have charity you're nothing, and that's when I decided to speak on Charity and Love from the Christlike Attributes chapter. Just like any subject I ever choose it led me right to the Atonement. I talked about how charity is an action word, and the greatest act of charity ever performed was the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Christ didn't just stand by and watch anyone suffer, he atoned for all our burdens, all our suffering, it showed more than anything his "pure love." When we were baptized we showed Him that we are willing to do our best to lighten the burdens of others(Mosiah 18:8). I was probably prompted to speak on the topic for myself but charity is something none of us can be reminded enough of. We ran into two preachers this week. One of them came out and was telling us how he was just praying about the salvation of souls. Didn't seem like a coincidence to any of us, but his thoughts were a little different than ours. He didn't hide that he thought it was that he needed to tell us who go around working for just that we're going about it all wrong. We were excited to discuss at first but after a 45 minute sermon with about 5 words from each of us stuck in there we really just had to turn and walk. (we should have known it was bad news when he went back inside and brought out ONE chair for himself to sit on and 0 for the three girls haha...) It is so frustrating trying to talk to them, but it just makes me happier, more grateful, and with a stronger testimony every time. I've been out 2 months! It doesn't seem real. It feels like I've lived in Bastrop my whole life, but it also seems like I couldn't have possibly been in the field two months yet! We have some really great investigators and stuff I wish I had time to write about but not this week! Disclaimer though, one has the most fantastic gray/silver mullet of all.

Love you everyone! Thank you for your prayers:)

Sister Stevens

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