Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Email from July 29, 2013

Things are pretty much hoppin' in Bastrop.
This Sunday was crazy, I don't even know what happened, we had everything set up for rides and then suddenly everything fell through and we were sprinting in the church interrupting the adult meeting and taking like 4 of the 12 people in it out to give rides, and we were late to church! BUT it was the most people the Bastrop chapel has seen in years. Remember when our top investigator broke up with us? She came to church on Sunday. (My companion Sister Stevenson relates every relationship with an investigator to a real relationship, when they don't want to see us anymore they broke up with us and when we have to schedule a new baptismal date it is like postponing the wedding, so funny.)
The sacrament meeting topic was eternal marriage, two investigator couples (but not serious) were there, one whose marriage is barely hanging on, and one who has expressed to us how badly they want to find a wife. It was kind of funny. then we talked about "work" in Gospel Principles, in the middle of the lesson one guy there for the first time in forever was like, "you know not all churches teach this right?" Yepp, pretty much no churches around here teach it. I think everyone their time though. We are really excited about that.
So we have an investigator named Shirley, and she is just the light in the dark every week, we can always count on her, every time we go over she says she's been waiting on us. She is 60 and the only member of her family left. We were walking in the grocery store over a month ago and she yelled at us and it started like "excu-me where are ya'll from? what do ya'll teach?" and ended like, "I think I met some angels today." But we didn't end up seeing her for weeks! But when we did it was perfect timing. She cooked us some collard(sp?) greens, yummm. It became my favorite southern dish, everyone always talks about "greens" but no one would ever cook them. Anyways, she always talks about how this is a time of change in her life, she really doesn't want to be anything but Baptist, sorry I'm not sorry, she will be Mormon in no time.
We also had interviews with the President this week, we had weekly planning (so 5 hours of study/planning in the morning) and then were at the building in West Monroe (10 minutes from Duck Dynasty!!) until 7:30 at night. It was really good though, the President is too nice, and same with his wife, I don't know how he keeps track and loves so many missionaries.
That's all I can think of at the moment besides that I love you guys!!!! laterz.
Seester Stevens

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