Tuesday, August 13, 2013

'by his skripes we are healed'

HI FAMILY. I love you all as usual. But back to me! HA just kidding, I would rather talk about you guys than me. It has been a great week though.
Things are good in Bastrop. The Elders moved down this week and took half our people we see so that was good. Somehow we still have a lot to do!
First a funny story, we were just walking down Shelton Hwy and recognized a guy, Antonio, walking the other direction, we were like "heyyy you live with Amanda we know you!" and he goes "Oh yeah you're the uhhh... the uhhhh... like you guys go around and kill people right?" We ended up figuring out he was having some confusion about the "mafia", and "mormons".
One gem this week was seeing Miss Shirley I wrote about last week, she is the best, we brought her everything she requested for her birthday. She is pretty much the most fabulous 61 yr old I've ever met. We had a party, but also taught her the second half of the Plan of Salvation, which people usually don't really understand but agree to agree. Not Shirley, the spirit was SO strong, we sat there until she got it. Usually the spirit is the strongest when we testify of God's love, the Atonement, Joseph Smith, the BOM, stuff like that, but it was like whoa since when did talking about the Spirit World and Degrees of Glory could bring it this strong. She said that all of our lessons have been great and make her "itchy"(how she feels the spirit) but that this one was different.
On Saturday I got to see my trainer Sister Johnson because her and the other STL's came for exchanges! First of all, it was my first time EVER teaching real lessons with Sister Brimley, so that was weird. I ended up going out with Sister Mapu--Tongan/Samoan, going home next week, and Sister Chai--Malaysian, been out 19 months, having trouble getting a Visa to go home. So they put me in a trio with the 2 most experienced missionaries in the mission for the day, it was intimidating at first but SO GOOD! We did so much work. Taught a preacher and his wife, a preachers wife and kids, passed out 3 BOMs, and more! We taught a woman Beatrice and it was going so well, despite my desire to not invite her to baptism for the third or fourth time and have that conversation again I sucked it up, and she said yes this time! It was so good, the spirit was so strong she couldn't even deny or question that Joseph Smith was a prophet, that has never happened before.
We had some investigators in church this week, one of them, Huddle-House-Kieth, got up to bare his testimony, it was terrifying, but so good! We were nervous cause we finally got some members to a lesson with him this week and he got wayyy intense and was yelling about how everyone has the power of God(Priesthood) and us missionaries should be able to open up our own church if we feel like it(cause that's what people do here). But like I was saying, it turned out good, he enjoyed church a lot!
We went to Arkansas again but our air conditioning in our car remains unfixed, you know when you open your car on a 100 degree day and have to wait a while outside of it because it's an oven? That's our life, but then we have to get inside. I'm not trying to complain, just explain, I figure if I can make it through a Louisiana July I can make it through a Louisiana August. Another thing my bug bites are finally healing, I always have a steady stream of them but one time in one night I got 18 on one ankle and 26 on the other and those are finally going away. Bugs on bugs down hur.
We also had a pioneer activity this week, we thought there would be food but there wasn't, so we ended up eating ice cream for dinner twice plus both of the Samoan families fed us. I don't think I need to say any more about that, you know what I'm getting at.
The people are still hilarious, my subject line happened as an 8 year old girl read that scripture, we also heard a knew one, "he was fuskrated".
K times up, LOOOVE YOU BYE!
Seester Katie Stevens

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