Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Crazy last week of the transfer!

SO I'm a little disappointed, does anyone read my emails? Did anyone hear that Courtney and her family might be getting baptized?
Whether anyone else in the universe is excited about it or not, doesn't matter cause my excitement and happiness can make up for anyone's lack!
We taught the Washington kids Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, they had their baptismal interviews on Friday, and YES! On Saturday they were baptized and on Sunday they were confirmed! Might have been the craziest week of my life.
Teaching kids is always hard, we check for understanding over and over again, and try to keep it super basic. Courtney was such a help, we would introduce and five the basics of a point of the gospel and she would break it down for them. How great is that for a Mother to give her children understanding of the fulness of the gospel, of their purpose here, the path that we should follow, everything! We could never make them understand like she can, it was beautiful. A highlight was when we were teaching about how you can become clean from sin. I explained how sin is like red paint getting on a white shirt and how when you are baptized it will wash all of that away, "you can become white". Amariaye jumped up and said "when we baptized it's gonna make us white!?!!?" (skin) and Sister Birmingham, Courtney, and I in unison, "NOOOO, no, no, noooooo!" It was the funniest thing in the world. Also every time we came over Cyrion (5 years old) to Courtney , "are you gonna get bat-ma-tized today? Why can't I be bat-ma-tized?" Overall it was just awesome, and the friendships they have made with ward members have been awesome too, the 13 year old Trynitee became best friends with a girl in the ward immediately.
The baptism itself was good to begin with, the talk was great, a lot of members showed up, everything was going smoothly.... Until they opened the doors to the font and steam started filling the room and when Elder Hamp tried to walk in he jumped out immediately and informed us that the water had seared his feet..... Of all the things to go wrong, I did not see that one coming, the Ward Mission Leader had filled the font a few hours earlier, but only pulled the hot water lever. So for about 15-25 minutes of running the cold water and singing some hymns as we waited and as Courtney paced back and forth at the back of the font I just wanted to sink through the floor. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and they got in the boiling water and let me tell you, I have not only never seen Courtney smile that big, I have not ever seen any person smile as big as she did when she came up out of the water. I was so happy, all the stress melted away, the spirit was so strong. Next was Trynitee, and despite of her 2 complicated middle names Alyndria Glazhane (Courtney apologized earlier, "I'm sorry ya'll, I was young..." hahah) it went well. For the 9 year olds, the older went to get in but couldn't do it cause it was too hot, so the younger one literally pushed him out of the way and said he would go first, but after putting both feet in the water turned right around, but it was too late his mom pointed at the water and told him to get back in there so then he went and then Mandrell, they were dramatic but got through it! Elder Hamps legs suffered the consequences for many hours after but it was worth it, when he saw them in the hallway after he yelled, "we burned the hell out of you!"
Anyways the next day Courtney's car wouldn't start a half hour before church and her confirmation, luckily the Elders only live about a mile away and were able to fix it. They were all pretty late but it was fine. The confirmations were beautiful. Then they asked Courtney to go up and bare her testimony and that was the highlight of my whole mission. We got to hear her side of the story of how we found her and the spirit told her to let us in, how we came in the nik of time for her and her family, how she has never been so blessed and happy, she doesn't even know how she was living before she had the fulness of the gospel. I can't explain how good that was, I thought it was happy to see her be baptized but to see her stand as a member and bare her testimony of the Savior and that she knows the church is true, nothing compares to that. What a weekend! Sister Birmingham and I's last weekend together too! We found, taught, and baptized together.
Hearing that testimony washed away all my fear of telling people the gospel will change them and bless them SO MUCH. I saw the transformation before my eyes and she is just so happy! They all are! And so am I!
Sorry that was all story and no feelings, it was just so ridiculous I had to share. The Lord truly prepares people for the gospel, he prepares them to enter in his fold. He knows them so well and HE saves them. The spirit is the only teacher, we can't share the gospel or know truth without it. I don't know how I ever became worthy to find and teach such an amazing family but I thank Heavenly Father every day for allowing me to be a tool in his hands, and allowing me to feel just a portion of the love and happiness that He feels when they come unto him. He takes care of us, He provides a way, the adversary may be powerful but nowhere near as powerful as the Lord. He's real and the reward is real.
There is nothing like feeling loved every day, feeling guided every day, and having a purpose every day. There is one way, and being able to help someone find it is better than anything.
A lot more happened this week but nothing I have time to write about.
Love you guys! A LLOOOTTT! I will never get tired of saying the words "the gospel blesses families".
Sister Stevens
PS I'm training again! Yayyyy! her name is Sister White. We've only been together a couple hours but she is great, we are a lot alike! I can't wait to teach her all I know and show her how great being a missionary is.

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