Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Missionary Work in "the Boot"

Lets start with the most important update! We had our stop smoking celebration with Courtney last Tuesday, she brought her whole family to the Bishops house and their kids got along great! Courtney is so happy to have that addiction out of her life. She says she still sometimes wants one out of habit, but the craving is gone and she's not going back! I'm so proud of her! Ok the really big news is that she changed her mind and it is now set on having her 3 oldest kids baptized with her! On Saturday! So we have gotten through about a fourth of the material, and yeah. It's going to be a busy week. But also the best week ever. Yesterday Courtney leaned over to me in Sacrament meeting and was like, "I'm so excited to be baptized." No one has ever said anything that made me feel better than that right there. I am beyond grateful to be able to teach someone so prepared for the gospel. Her preparation started long ago and we just got the privilege of meeting her now when and inviting her to make the best decision of her life!
We taught her kids yesterday and it was awesome, when we asked if they had questions the little 9 year old Amariaye whispered, "Do you have to be white to be Christian?" It was adorable. We told him yes, you have to be white. Just kidding! Another great moment was when we asked how the gospel has and will bless their family, Trynitee said, "it helped my Mom to stop smoking and drinking so she can live longer and see my success!"
We helped a returning member set up a display at the Monroe airport, that was pretty fun service! They had some really well preserved old army suits and stuff we got to set up.
Everything else is pretty normal! We have been working hard. One thing our President told us to implement is baring testimony at the door, even if the door is closing. It's for when a Southern Baptist opens the door and is not havin' it. I always say I love baring testimony of the gospel every day and have been really trying to do it at every door. It really is a challenge for sure, but makes a difference in the way we present ourselves and approach everyone. It is going to be really good.
Anyways that's all I can think of..
You guys gotta start replying and asking questions so I have more to say!
Love ya'll!!!!!
Sister Stevens

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