Saturday, November 30, 2013

Life is full of miracles

November 18, 2013

Hi Family,
We had a really good week here. We are working hard to increase our teaching pool. Right now it's kinda empty of people who are keeping any commitments. But the finding has been going really well!
Remember how TJ had that vision? Well, when we went back Tuesday, his countenance had changed a lot and he told us he was now sure that he wanted to leave his church, but that he wasn't sure about joining ours. It was so sad, we'll probably have to drop him this week and make sure someone tries again in a month or so. It is so sad that if your heart and faith aren't in the right place, it doesn't matter how big the sign Heavenly Father gives you. Nothing can convince someone of something they harden their heart against. I know he'll come around eventually, the Lord's hand is always outstretched, and the spirit is not something you forget.
We had interviews with president which was great as always. He answered all my questions and helped me pinpoint things with my attributes and goals to work on.
Yesterday we went to Winnsboro to speak, their branch is about 20 people with 15 over the age of 60. So they call for other speakers quite often. I gave my talk on diligence. I talked about how they opened conference saying the division between the righteous and wicked is growing and what is going to keep us from the other side is simple diligence in our every day lives. We ran into a guy this week who waved to us and we had the best conversation! He talked about how we shouldn't be content with our lives right now, how everyday we need to be better and we should never stop changing. He said every time we come in contact with people we should leave them feeling better than when we met them. I loved every second of it. He was 100% right. Then when he prayed for us at the end he put his hands on our heads so that was uncomfortable, but he doesn't know any better. We laughed about it later. Anyways, I loved that he told us to not be content with our lives. That's something that everyone needs to hear but it's hard to say without offending people. It made me want to be more bold, and not feel bad about inviting people to repent, especially when it is genuine and out of love. Helping people to change and repent everyday is a blessing, and being in the South where someone will tell me the same thing is a blessing too!
I have been working on noticing miracles this week. There are just so many. I choose a few to write down everyday. By the time I get going I never want to stop. One night I thought I was done writing them and then it was like- Oh yeah! And Sister White survived getting hit by a car!
 It was definitely a miracle, her whole bike just moved, she somehow stayed on it and pedaling. Couldn't have been anything but angels! The Lord is watching out for us! There are so many reasons to love His work!
PS who knew the South could get sooo cold, the humidity makes it bone chilling.
Sister Stevens

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