Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Training Round 2!

So I had a pretty good week, it was kinda rainy and dreary but we were in the car so it was all good. I felt like a wimp one day because I was like- ehhh lets follow up and see returning members with our extra time today, because it was raining. Oregon would be ashamed of me.
But anyways it was still a successful week despite transfers!
We have been getting frustrated with one investigator who I've talked about before, TJ, cause he's not progressing like he should be. We went all out one lesson on Thursday and then went back Saturday to drop him. But on Saturday he was excited to see us and as soon as we sat down he went right into talking about how he finally prayed about everything we've been telling him in terms of if it's true and what he should do. Then he had a vivid dream of himself walking all around our church. Cooler when he tells it, so great! I am so glad I didn't give up on him before. Now we just have to get him to remember that and have the strength he needs to actually leave his other church(RLDS/Community of Christ)! Which his whole family has been going to for many generations. There are hard times ahead but it's just like anyone that finally gets an answer they've been searching for. I know from experience the Lord would only give him that answer if he is ready to act on it. I love how one of the main factors was him studying out the doctrine his church is teaching and church history. His church has recently made changes concerning tithing and homosexuality that he just can't agree with. What a great testimony builder for me that you just can't beat eternal truths! They're there and once you know them, you can't argue with them. Which sounds binding in a bad way but it's a good thing! Knowing makes you happy and makes you free. Wow cheesy stuff, but I am just so grateful for the fulness of the gospel.
I love working with my new companion Sister White. She's from Utah, we are pretty alike but different enough that we get along really well. She's real fresh but I've already learned a lot from her! Being a trainer for her is more of getting to know the rules, and schedule, and expectations than anything. I just have to be there for the "always" things, always start and end with prayer, always extend a commitment, always ask for referrals blah blah blah. She listens to the spirit and is learning fast how to present the doctrine of the lessons. We get better at teaching together every time we teach. We both bare testimony off each other which makes for more bold approaches which I love.
Courtney is still doing awesome. She came to BOM class and talked about how her family missed her at the church they all go to on the first of the month. What she said about it was that, "they're going to let those traditions drag them down.." Awesome that she found what's right and is holding to it no matter what even those she is closest to think. She is so strong to give that up, she told her kids they are still family but that they also have a new family, their ward family. I love how she is getting rid of all the negativity in her life(smoking, some friends, etc.). It makes me want to work harder at giving up things like that might cause any negativity in my life.
Tracting was funny this week, a lot of people we met aren't going to go anywhere at this moment as far as the restored gospel, but I wasn't too sad about it. Everytime we went out we had someone crying because of the spirit and gratitude for the Savior. It was just a blessing to witness so many people feel the spirit in their lives, and be able to feel it myself! Whether they are ready now or not they are reminded of how much Heavenly Father loves them and the seed is planted.
It is getting really cold here. I thought this day would never come. I'm kind of in denial of it but it's happening.
I love you guys a lot and really miss you! Thanks for your support and love:)
Sister Katie Stevens

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