Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall is in the air

First before I forget. We visit this returning member named Sister Herren and she does a TON of work for Sellman Fields Air Force Museum. The majority of people there were training for B-17s. Crazy right! So she has this little documentary DVD of it coming out soon and it has a lot of the vets stories and everything so I gave her Grandpas address and she's gonna send one over next month when they come out! When she tells all their stories it makes me want to sit and listen to Grandpa again.
So I actually was able to tell Bishop Clark and Sister Clark about Tony Russell the same day I got the email! They thought that was so funny, connections everywhere. We got to see them because we did the 15 Steps to Stop Smoking lesson with Courtney! We were nervous because neither of us have done it but it went so well! She signed the contract and I'm glad to report a pack-a-day smoker of 15 years is now on her 7th day cold turkey thanks to "grapefruit juice and prayer". The program is so cool! It works! I want to use it for everyone!
We are so excited, Courtney is so prepared. She brought all 5 kids to church yesterday They are 13, 9, 8, 7, and 5, also she is only 29. 3/5 had a good time so at least more than half. Sacrament meeting was rough though, her kids just aren't used to sitting for that long and I don't know if she heard anything, but Sunday School and Relief Society went well. She is AWESOME and progressing towards her baptism date.
One other investigator, TJ came to church, he is sooo close, and yet so far. We've taught him everything and he understands and really wants to be baptized, he even understands why he needs to be and wants the gift of the spirit but, "the only problem is I help with the program at my church so I have to be there every Sunday, and no one else knows how to do it." He's being serious, because everyone is over 70 years old but he just won't make the change! It's hard when someone is so close to the truth and blessings and so much happiness but get caught up in the  not so eternal perspective.
This week we miraculously found an excommunicated member and got permission from the Bishop to start teaching her. We were at these apartments where we have like 3 investigators and 2 potentials but none were home! It was one of those things where you feel like you've failed but then the Lord reminds you nothing is a coincidence and He will place you right where you need to be. I never imagined myself working with someone like that, it is really hard. We have to remember she's an investigator, not returning member, she remembers what the Spirit is and feels like, but doesn't have the gift anymore.
The members are starting to help us so much! Us missionaries and the Bishopric have been pushing it so much, it has taken a long time but things are going into effect. Now we just need more legit people to take them too... We have legit people and teach sooo many but people just don't know what appointments are here.
Anyways, I am loving life. Trying to make the most of everyday that I have this opportunity to vocally bare my testimony and bring people closer to the Savior. Feeling the spirit speak through you is the best feeling in the world.
Miss you guys! Love you lots!
PS it's getting cooler which is weird. Feels nice biking but I hate cold.
PSS a guy who recently moved here from Utah got up to speak on Sunday and I was like- what's with his accent?

Seester Stevens

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