Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 8 in WM

I have like 2 seconds to email so I apologize in advance.
This was a good week, the beginning was super productive, we taught a lot of legit lessons rather than like 10 minute standing ones that we do pretty often.
We taught an awesome lesson with Courtney, she wants to be baptized so we're gonna help her stop smoking and making the necessary changes. We promised her that if she brought questions to church she would get her answers. We've promised people that before but she ACTUALLY brought questions and got specific answers! Thank goodness the Lord has our backs, it is so important that he is who converts them. It's like in King Benjamin's speech, it is one of the most powerful sermons ever given but when the people are repenting they tell are clear in saying it is the Lord who changed their hearts.
Conference was awesome, something about being a missionary, I've never loved it so much. All of the talks were amazing, I just glanced at my notes and there is not even room for how great it was. I especially loved when Elder Bednar talked about subtle but substantial blessings. It's so true! People always look at us like we don't know anything because we were born and raised in the church. My personal conversion has everything to do with exactly what Elder Bednar said. It came over time with many large blessings, but especially came with the countless subtle blessings that can be so easily overlooked. Even though I look back and still can't put a finger on the moment I knew any truth, the blessings and manifestations are so obvious in every single day. 
We had tracting planned after the Saturday afternoon session which was perfect because of Ballards talk. It's true you have to find people to teach. Unfortunately tracting was and always is a testimony to the fact that it needs to be the members finding, especially here in this country. We do our best and have some success, but we pray every day multiple times a day to find people, I can't imagine the success we would have if every person with the truth did the same thing.
Sunday was just as powerful, fun fact- two of Elder Ochoas kids were in my ward last year! It was so cool to hear from their Dad! It was awesome because they all spoke on simple doctrine and yet answered such deep questions people have been struggling with.
Hope everything is going well, sounds like it is! Loved conference more than ever but couldn't help but miss the days when we would huddle around the computer in the tiny office and listen together.
also bad news I got ring worm on my leg... gross.

Sister Stevens

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